Bunk bed with sofa


Bunk bed with sofa

The problem of combining comfort and functionality has long since sunk into oblivion with the development of modern technology and human thought. Now, in the children’s room alone, you can equip not only a comfortable sleeping place for your child, but also combine it with a work area and a seating area with a sofa, because the current design boom is a bunk children’s sofa bed.

Sofa convertible to bunk bed

A novelty on the market is a sofa that turns into a bed without much effort. We assure you that even your child will be able to unfold it without outside help thanks to convenient mechanisms. Some of these sofas move up, and some literally turn around their axis, turning into two separate beds on different tiers.

A modern sofa that converts into a bunk bed is still more of an adult interior detail than a child’s one, and therefore is produced in plain and strict colors.

Bunk bed with sofa bed

If two children live in a room, then it is not necessary to buy a classic bunk bed, because it can be replaced with a bed with a sofa bed on the ground floor. Thus, when folded, the children will have a ready-made seating area, and when unfolded, they will have a single bed on the second tier and a double bed on top. The standard option for this kind of rookery is a bunk bed with a eurobook sofa.

In addition, you can design a sleeping place for another child using the bunk bed mechanism with a roll-out sofa. If a friend comes to spend the night with your child, you will always have a spare place to put another child to bed, and if you upholster the first tier with fabric and foam rubber, you get a comfortable back for a retractable base.

Loft bunk bed with sofa

Discussing the know-how in the world of children’s interiors, we completely forgot about the classics — bunk beds with a sleeping place on the second floor and a simple sofa on the first floor. The wall space above the sofa can be filled with small shelves suitable for storing toys and other small things, while on the second tier there is a regular bed. The staircase that leads upstairs can also be equipped with drawers to save space for leisure without cluttering it with unnecessary items.


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