Brick oven for home


Brick oven for home

Today, people are hastily getting rid of things that seem outdated. Clothes, furniture and small interior items fall under the category of out-of-fashion products. An ambivalent attitude has also arisen towards home stoves. Many are rushing to replace them with efficient heating systems or are turning to alternative heat sources. At the same time, people forget that none of the modern methods of heating conveys the atmosphere of firewood crackling in the fire and the special heat coming from the stove. Let’s try to figure out why, in the age of innovation and progress, it is worth stopping at a classic brick oven for the home, and what benefits this uncomplicated heating tool brings.

Advantages of furnace heating

When choosing a heating system for your home, you need to carefully study each of the existing options, choosing the best one for yourself. So, what are the properties of a home oven:

  • effectively heats the room;
  • by adjusting the intensity of burning wood / coal, you can change the temperature in the house;
  • there are no problems with fuel, since wood waste is easy to get;
  • installing a stove is not as expensive as installing an air / water heating system.

Well, and most importantly, a skillfully laid out brick oven becomes the center of the composition in the interior and sometimes serves as its only decoration.

However, along with the listed advantages, the furnace has a number of disadvantages, namely:

  • bulkiness (the amount of heat that it can accumulate depends on the size of the structure);
  • inertia (you have to wait a long time until the stove starts to accumulate heat);
  • low efficiency;
  • there is a risk of fire, smoke entering the room, burns;
  • impossibility of automation.

Types of brick ovens for the home

At the moment, the following models have gained the most popularity:

  1. Traditional Russian stove. A compact multifunctional model that is ideal for a summer kitchen or country house. In addition to the heating function, the product performs the functions of an oven in which you can cook pastries. Many models have a hob designed for heating food.
  2. Dutch. This model has a characteristic elongated shape, which allows it to more fully transfer heat to the body of the structure. The secret to the stove’s high efficiency is that the smoke path is artificially lengthened, so less heat escapes through the chimney. A significant advantage of the Dutch woman is that her masonry requires a small number of bricks (650-700 pieces), while at least 1,400 are required for a Russian stove.
  3. Stove with stove bench. This is an old model, the design of which includes a special sunbed, on which you can not only warm up, but also dry your shoes and clothes. The lounger is heated by a channel chimney, through which heated smoke and soot come out into the street. This stove is often installed in hunting and country houses.
  4. Brick oven-fireplace for home. This is perhaps the most luxurious model of all of the above. The built-in fireplace allows you to watch the burning coals and makes the room unusually cozy and atmospheric. The only negative is that for laying a stove with a fireplace insert, a large amount of material is required, and the cost of laying increases accordingly.

So, you got acquainted with the main types of brick ovens. Now you can choose a model that will suit you in appearance and functionality. It remains only to develop a competent design drawing and find a master who will be able to bring your idea to life.


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