Bench with shoe rack

It’s nice to walk into the hallway and see shoes neatly arranged on a stand. And how unsightly the same hallway will look with shoes standing in disorder on the floor! Therefore, if you want the entrance hall in the apartment to look beautiful and tidy, you cannot do without a shoe rack.

Shoe racks come in a variety of sizes. They can differ in the material from which they are made: wood, plastic, metal. Stands can be both open and closed, in the form of a locker. Finally, they can be rotated, which is very convenient for choosing the right pair of shoes.

Varieties of shoe stands with seat

A bench with a stand for shoes is very popular. This very convenient piece of furniture allows you to easily take off your shoes and shoes while sitting on a bench, and immediately put your shoes on a shelf.

You can choose a shoe rack that has only one shelf. If a lot of people live in the apartment, then it is better to purchase a shoe stand with a seat, which has several horizontal shelves. A bench with a stand for shoes is convenient, in which the shelves are arranged obliquely up or down.

On sale there are both open, most often metal, shoe stands with a seat, and closed wooden ones. Any of these models is durable, easy to use and durable.

The seat on the shoe rack can be hard wood, or soft, covered with phlox or leather. A stylish wrought iron bench with a delicate openwork weaving ornament and a comfortable seat will be a wonderful decoration for any hallway interior.

A bench with a shoe rack will help you significantly save space in the hallway, as well as make the interior of the room comfortable and cozy.

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