Bed-wardrobe transformer


The arrangement of small apartments requires a rational approach. Each piece of furniture must be thought out. You can not clutter up the space so that the housing does not look cluttered. Furniture should not only fit into the overall style of the room, but also be practical. A transformer bed-wardrobe will be a useful purchase, which significantly saves usable space. Such furniture appeared on the market relatively recently, but they quickly drew attention to it, as it is distinguished by its functionality.

The bed-wardrobe transformer is a lifting bed that easily transforms into a closet. It takes up little space, but in terms of spaciousness it is in no way inferior to other furniture. In addition to the transformer bed built into the closet, there are models when the bed can be built into the podium or into a decorative niche. But the latter options are less practical. Well-proven wardrobe with a bed transformer. In this case, the bed is easily hidden behind the compartment doors.

Advantages of a folding wardrobe bed

Before you make your final choice, you need to familiarize yourself with the advantages of such furniture:

  • of course, the main advantage is compactness, which is an important factor for small apartments;
  • for a bed, you do not need to order a special mattress and bed linen;
  • manufacturers offer a wide range that allows you to choose a bed that will fit into any style of the room;
  • the mechanism that provides the transformation can be both longitudinal and transverse;
  • a transformer wardrobe bed can be double or single, which is suitable for those families whose guests often stay overnight;
  • even a school-age child can handle the lifting mechanism;
  • the design provides fastening of bed linen to a mattress by means of belts.

It is worth noting that this bed will be a good choice for owners of one-room apartments. They have the task of combining several functional zones in a limited area. The same situation arises when the living room plays the role of several rooms at once. For example, it can combine a place where the whole family gathers or receives guests, along with a work or play area, a dining room and even a bedroom. Also, parents get a bed-wardrobe transformer in the nursery. This room is also designed for sleeping, playing, studying, and creating at the same time. Every child needs space.

In order to provide more free space, you can put in the nursery a model of a transformer bed-wardrobe that can serve as a table.

How to choose a wardrobe-bed?

In order for the furniture to be comfortable and fit well into the interior, you should remember some rules:

  • you need to pay attention to the reputation of the manufacturer, make inquiries about it from friends or via the Internet, ask for reviews;
  • the quality of materials, as well as accessories, must be high, as this is a guarantee of the durability of furniture and its reliability;
  • you need to test the lifting mechanism to make sure it works perfectly;
  • the legs of the bed are better to choose in the form of a board, and not free-standing.

It must be remembered that the installation of the bed should be carried out exclusively against a brick or concrete wall. Plasterboard mounting is not permitted. In addition, the surface intended for fastening the structure must be pre-leveled. Otherwise, the quality of installation, its durability and the appearance of the room will suffer.


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