The podium bed came to our region from eastern countries, where it has long been a tradition to sleep on the floor without mattresses or featherbeds. At present, this idea has noticeably transformed, but the basis remains. As a result, in many apartments it has become popular to install podium beds, playing up this idea in the interior in different ways.

Features of podium beds

The classic platform bed is a wooden elevation on which a mattress is placed at night, turning it into a bed. These hard beds are great for good posture and a healthy spine. During the day, folding the mattress into a closet or a special niche, you can use the podium for a variety of purposes.

A room with a podium bed looks interesting and non-standard. Of course, it should be borne in mind that the elevation visually steals space, so the ceilings in the room must be high, otherwise the use of the podium will be inappropriate. Although, this is also a rather controversial issue, because the elevation is rarely higher than an ordinary bed, which in any case would be, for example, in the bedroom.

Modern designers have developed different versions of podium beds. For example, to save space, you can choose a bed built into the podium, which has a convenient exit mechanism and a place to store bed linen. In addition, you can choose the shape of the elevation, which will become a very unusual bed. For example, a round podium bed will be the highlight of any room. Of course, for such experiments you need a lot of space, this should also be taken into account.

For the manufacture of the podium, it is advisable to choose such a natural and environmentally friendly material as wood. It looks beautiful and natural, which is very important, because during the day the bed will not be covered with a mattress. In turn, the mattress should be comfortable, but also compact, easy to fold. To decorate the podium during the day, beautiful pillows are placed on it.

Use of catwalk beds in different areas of the house

Naturally, let’s start with the bedroom. The design of the bedroom, which has a podium bed, immediately becomes unusual. If the size of the room allows, you can make a very large elevation in its area, so the bedroom will have a truly immense podium bed, on which it is easy to get lost. For small bedrooms, the idea of ​​​​elevation, inside which there will be sleeping places during the day, is a very good idea. You can put a sofa, table or wardrobe on the podium, and a full-fledged double bed will leave from under the podium at night.

Another room where the idea of ​​​​such a bed fits perfectly is the living room. However, there is a nuance here — the podium bed must be quite high in order to place the exit mechanism there. Actually the bed will come out from under the sofa, which is located on the podium. After all, what is a living room without a sofa? The sofa is made by installing a mattress on an elevation and comfortable pillows under the back. And when the guests stay for the night, it will be quite possible to put them to sleep on a comfortable bed that will come out from under the podium. This combination of podium, sofa and bed will make the living room stylish and multifunctional.

A separate place is occupied by a children’s podium bed, which is especially appreciated by teenagers. At this age, they like everything unusual, and what could be more interesting than a bed that you don’t immediately notice? A podium bed for a teenager and a child in general can be equipped with a mattress of non-standard colors and shapes or with the image of a character. Also, the podium bed in the nursery is good to hide in a niche, which will allow the child to have his own corner for personal affairs.


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