Armchair with footrest


Armchair with footrest

Today, furniture manufacturers are creating more and more new models that successfully combine beautiful appearance and functionality. For example, not so long ago, an armchair with a footrest appeared on the furniture market.

An armchair with an ottoman for legs has been known for a long time. However, only the noble and rich used it. Men indulged in such chairs for reflection, and ladies rested their legs after dancing at balls. This piece of furniture was the personification of the high status of the owners of the house. Later, armchairs with a footrest were undeservedly forgotten. And only now such a piece of furniture is becoming more and more popular due to its convenience and the possibility of transformation.

Armchair with foot pad

For the living room, the ideal option would be a set that includes an armchair and an ottoman for legs. These two pieces of furniture perfectly complement each other and allow you to comfortably spend the evening both at a party and at home, sitting in front of the TV. Made in the same style, an armchair with an ottoman for legs will be a wonderful decoration for any interior.

For those who like to work in an armchair, models have been created in which, in addition to a footstool, there is also a niche for a laptop.

An armchair with an ottoman for legs will appeal not only to adults, but also to children who will use such a set both for relaxation and for games. For a child, armchairs with a pouffe made of materials that do not cause allergies are suitable. In the living room or bedroom, you can put an armchair with an ottoman, covered with natural or artificial leather, fabric.

An excellent option for outdoor recreation would be an inflatable round chair with the same ottoman for legs: it is compact, lightweight, and easy to clean.

Benefits of chairs with footrest

With the help of a modern chair with a footrest or a recliner chair, as it is also called, you can create a special corner in your house or apartment where you can relax after a day of work, really relax or dream.

In many models of this chair, the backrest can be adjusted in terms of the degree of inclination, so that you can set it to the position that is most comfortable for you. In some products, there is a special lever on the side with which the footrest extends. This chair can be adjusted to the anatomical features of your body. Even a sofa recliner has been created that combines regular seating with seats that have a footrest.

The recliner chair has three positions. In the «sitting» position, the back of the chair is at an angle of 100 °. The semi-sitting position is also referred to as the TV position, in which the back of the chair is reclined by 110 °, and the footrest is raised. It is in this position that it is most convenient to watch TV. The lying position is designed for relaxation and rest. At the same time, the back of the chair is reclined as much as possible, and the footrest is raised high.

You can order a chair model with a footrest with a massage function or supplemented with a remote control. In most models, the level of the footrest can be adjusted regardless of the angle of the backrest. The stand itself can be both stationary and removable or retractable.

Modern technologies make it possible to create comfortable and comfortable chairs with a stylish design, using only high-quality and environmentally friendly materials. Today you can choose a chair with a footrest that will perfectly fit into one or another interior style, for example, romantic Provence or modern high-tech.

An armchair with a stand or an ottoman is indispensable for those who spend a lot of time on their feet. Sitting in such a chair, you can read, listen to music, watch a movie or just take a nap.


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