Acrylic countertops


Acrylic countertops

Among kitchen furniture, the work surface — the countertop — occupies almost a central place. It is on it that the sacrament of cooking takes place — the most important process in any kitchen. This means that the quality of such a countertop should be on top. Today, countertops are made from various materials — chipboard and plywood, wood and steel. And one of the «youngest» types of coatings is acrylic stone. Let’s talk about its properties and advantages.

Advantages of artificial acrylic stone countertop

All the advantages of acrylic countertops are due to the physical properties of this material. Since acrylic stone has a non-porous structure, it is completely impervious to water, cleaning solutions and — importantly — bacteria and fungi. Thanks to this, the countertop can be placed next to and even combined with a sink, and its surface itself can be washed with any chemical means.

Tables with acrylic tops are convenient because there are no seams on them, where small debris can clog, water can be poured, etc. The single surface of such a working kitchen table is the dream of any modern housewife!

Tables with acrylic top for the kitchen are thermally stable. They are not afraid of either steam or sunlight, although, of course, hot pots should not be placed on them. But this issue is easily solved by installing a countertop with special metal inserts.

Thanks to the absolute moisture resistance described above, acrylic countertops can also be installed in the bathroom. And if this room in your apartment is finished with marble (artificial or natural), then such a countertop will look more than appropriate here. It is not uncommon for a contemporary apartment design to feature identical acrylic window sills, countertops, and wall panels to emphasize a unified style.

And finally, the obvious advantages of acrylic countertops are their environmental friendliness and durability. They are non-toxic, completely safe for humans and will serve you faithfully for many years.

Probably the only downside to acrylic countertops is that they can get scratched. Be careful with knives and forks, and if the surface is still scratched, keep in mind: the master will easily and quickly eliminate the defect by cleaning, grinding and polishing the surface.

The choice of acrylic countertops for the kitchen and bathroom surprises with its variety. You can purchase this accessory in any color scheme, from soft pastels to flashy bright colors. Marble and granite countertops are produced, imitating the pattern of natural wood, etc.


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