White double bed


White double bed

Each of us needs a good rest. Therefore, it is very important to have the right, convenient and comfortable place to sleep. Many people like the white double bed, but some are stopped by the fact that it is very easily soiled. The white bed makes the interior of the bedroom richer, attracts the eye and immediately becomes the highlight of the whole room. Such a piece of furniture will look great in a traditional European bedroom interior and will fit perfectly into the oriental flavor. A white double bed will successfully blend into the transparent austerity of minimalism or will be a bright addition to a luxurious rich interior.

The choice of white double beds is huge. All of them differ in the materials from which they are made, in shape and design.

Metal white double bed

Metal double beds are reliable, strong and durable. Their frameworks with the basis under an orthopedic mattress are made of a steel profile. They are painted with environmentally friendly powder paints, and protected from possible mechanical damage by a special varnish coating. These beds are very mobile because they can be easily disassembled. Some models can be equipped with drawers or shelves at the head.

Double wooden white bed

Double wooden beds are comfortable and environmentally friendly. You can choose a simple model that is not overloaded with various details. A functional choice would be a white double bed with drawers that are designed for linens and other things. A comfortable white transforming bed with a lifting mechanism will come in handy for a small bedroom. An interesting and unusual model is a round white wooden bed with a back moving along its circumference.

Budget models of double beds are made of MDF and covered with white gloss, which makes them completely immune to various contaminants.


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