Sofa in Provence style

Easy, calm and romantic French provincial life is Provence style. Its color scheme consists of calm shades close to nature: terracotta, beige, olive, turquoise, yellow. Furniture, including Provence-style sofas, is most often made of wood. However, you can also find rattan and forged products that will make the room more romantic.

Provence sofas in the interior

Provence-style sofas are traditionally decorated with floral motifs. Sometimes it has a bright scarlet color, which will be a kind of accent in the design. For the Provence style, you can choose a sofa with a beautifully curved back and legs, or more restrained, with and without soft armrests.

If you decide to decorate your living room in Provence style, then a folding sofa is suitable for this, the body of which is made of wood, such as oak or beech. Models with exquisite carved backs look beautiful. Such a sofa can be supplemented with decorative pillows made of the same fabric, or matching the basic shade with the color of the sofa. You can choose both a double sofa and designed for three people. A convenient folding mechanism allows you to use the Provence sofa both for relaxing in front of the TV, and as an extra bed.

Corner sofas are great for a Provence-style living room. You can choose both a folding and a fixed model. Natural fabrics such as cotton or linen are used as upholstery for Provence sofas, microfiber coating is possible. However, all Provence sofas are distinguished by a discreet color scheme: aged pink, pale lavender, chocolate, gray-blue.

Successfully emphasize the features of the Provence style sofas with bright floral prints in the upholstery, as well as decorated with a carriage screed.

Sturdy wooden sofas with soft upholstery and light carvings are perfect for decorating your Provence-style room.

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