Sofa bed book


Sofa bed book

The range of furniture stores in our time pleases consumers with a huge selection of different sofas and beds. These are classic sofas for the living room, and corner models for the studio, and all kinds of transformers for small rooms. In a word, progress in the furniture industry does not stand still. But some models of sofas, invented in the last century, have been and remain popular among buyers. They are in demand due to their convenience and practicality, and one of these types of furniture is a book sofa bed.

Features of the sofa bed with the mechanism of transformation «book»

The book is probably the simplest mechanism for transforming folding sofa beds with a back. To turn such a sofa into a comfortable sleeping place, you should raise the front of the sofa until it clicks and lower it down. As a result of these actions, the back of the sofa will automatically lower, thereby creating a sufficiently large and comfortable bed.

It is interesting that the width and length of the sofa-book can be very different, but at the same time all models are laid out forward, and this is the main advantage of this type of furniture: it can be installed in a room with any layout.

The constituent elements of the sofa-book can be made of metal or wood. The latter option is usually cheaper, but it also depends on the type of wood. It is better if the frame of your sofa is made of beech or ash than, for example, spruce. This is due to the fact that a folding or roll-out sofa-bed book involves daily use for its intended purpose, which means that its elements can quickly become unusable, creak, etc. As for models made of iron, such strict requirements are not imposed on them.


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