Sliding bed


Sliding bed

Today, many people prefer various transforming options instead of classic bed models. Beds with pull-out shelves and lifting mechanisms, bunk models — all this has long gained unprecedented popularity. Another interesting novelty is a sliding bed. When folded, it can accommodate no more than one person, but when disassembled, it can fit two, and if desired, three people! What is the secret of its design? More on that below.

The principle of bed transformation

In order to turn a single sliding bed into a double bed, you just need to push the lower part and transform the mattress over the entire area. Thanks to this, the bed will become twice as large and at the same time will not lose its functional qualities.

Sliding beds for children have a slightly different folding system. Here the bed is disassembled according to the principle of steps. The lower part is already equipped with its own mattress, but it is one level below the upper part. This bed can accommodate 2-3 full beds.

The lineup

Depending on the design and method of transformation, all beds can be divided into several types:

  1. Children’s sliding bed «grow». Designed for children aged 3 to 8 years. As the child grows, the length of the bed can be increased by extending the end part. In addition, the «grow-out» model is equipped with a built-in drawer in which you can store children’s toys, bed linen and clothes.
  2. Extendable beds for two adults. These models are able to transform into a full double bed. They are installed in small bedrooms, where the place does not allow for a full double bed.
  3. Children’s sliding beds with sides. It is better for children under 5 years old to sleep on a bed with small railings that protect against accidental falls. Sides can be located on both sides of the bed (for two children), and on one.
  4. Teenage sliding beds. These models have modern design and original design. To make them attractive to young people, the designers painted them in bright colors and equipped them with a mass of useful shelves and drawers.

When choosing a sliding bed, be sure to consider who will sleep on it and how often it will be laid out. If you are going to actively use it, then study the disassembly mechanism. It should be easy to handle and not make extraneous noise.


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