Shoe rack


Shoe rack

The entrance hall is, as a rule, the place where we undress and take off our shoes at the entrance. If your apartment does not provide for a dressing room, then the problem of placing outerwear and shoes belonging to your guests and family members becomes relevant. And, if convenient wall hangers are often bought for jackets and raincoats in the hallway, then something more practical is required for numerous boots, shoes, sneakers and sandals. For example, shelves, cabinets or shoe stands. Of course, buying such a thing is not at all necessary — several pairs of shoes will fit quite near the door, right on the floor, and the rest of the out-of-season shoes can be put away in the pantry. But if you have a large family or just a small apartment with a narrow corridor, then using a shoe rack has many advantages.

Benefits of shoe racks

  1. By arranging shoes on shelves in several tiers, you will save a lot of usable space.
  2. The upper part of most models of shoe stands provides for the use of it as a shelf for storing keys, handbags and other similar trifles.
  3. Some models are even more convenient, because they have a compartment for storing umbrellas or even a soft upper part where you can sit down while putting on your shoes.
  4. If the shoe rack in the hallway is equipped with a door like a chest of drawers, then the shoes will not gather dust in it. In such lockers, you can store those shoes that are not used at this time of the year.
  5. Cleaning in the hallway, where the shoes are neatly on the stand, takes much less time, and in such a room is usually cleaner.

Types of shoe stands

Shoe stands vary greatly in design, size and appearance. Let’s find out what types of coasters are on sale.

The first and main difference is the material from which this piece of furniture is made. So, shoe stands are made of plastic, metal or wood. The purchase of one or another stand model can be determined both by the general style of the hallway interior and by your personal preferences. So, forged shoe stands will fit well into the interior of a Provence-style apartment, and wooden ones will become a real decoration of a country-style hallway.

Plastic coasters for shoes are the simplest and, accordingly, inexpensive. But they will also help save space, especially folding models in which you can install any number of shelves you need. If such a stand is made in the form of a grid, then it is convenient to use it, among other things, for drying shoes.

The shoe rack can be installed either directly in the corridor (usually along the wall) or inside the closet. Most often they are made in the form of a metal mesh. As a rule, such shoe stands are quite narrow, and each shelf can accommodate only one pair of shoes or boots in width. There are also models built into small sofas or niches.

An interesting option is a rotating shoe rack. These can be seen in shops and boutiques. The rotating rack is conveniently placed inside the closet, filling it with all the shoes in the family. Getting any pair is easy — just twist the stand!

The shoe rack with seat already mentioned above is no less practical. This is actually “2 in 1” furniture — a comfortable soft bench, under the seat of which, as a rule, there are two shelves for placing shoes. Some models of such stands look like full-fledged shoe cabinets, and the seat is represented by a removable mattress.


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