Roll-out bed


Roll-out bed

One popular option these days, especially for smaller bedrooms, is a roll-out bed. It is comfortable, functional and takes up little space in the room. On sale you can find many different models of roll-out beds, each of which is interesting in its own way.

Roll-out bed

Roll-out beds are very convenient for children’s rooms, because when assembled it is an ordinary single bed, and when unfolded it is almost two beds. There are models of children’s bunk roll-out beds, when the beds are located at different levels: one is higher, the other is lower. This is very convenient, since each child gets his own, almost separate bed. There are models of roll-out bunk beds with drawers, which are located at the bottom and serve to store bed linen or other things.

In some transforming beds, sleeping places are installed on the same level, and such furniture is used for adults.

Pull-out sofa bed

A roll-out sofa bed, thanks to a special mechanism, transforms forward and a sleeping place is obtained for two or even three people, depending on the width of the sofa. There are three types of transformation mechanisms for such sofas: roll-out, when part of the sofa simply rolls forward, fold-over — only the box rolls forward, into which the filler is inserted in the form of sofa cushions. The third, most popular mechanism, the accordion, unfolds like an accordion.

Roll-out bed-cabinet

An interesting option is a roll-out cabinet-bed. When unfolded, these are three full-fledged beds, which are hidden when assembled into a cabinet that occupies a minimum of free space. At the same time, there is a sufficient distance between the tiers so as not to put the bedding in a separate box when folding the transformer.

Such a nightstand-bed is convenient for use both by children and in case of arrival of guests.


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