Oval folding table for the kitchen


Oval folding table for the kitchen

If the apartment or house where you live does not have a dining or living room, then the folding oval dining table in the kitchen will become an indispensable tool for you to meet guests and hold celebrations. It can be made not only from wood, but also from glass. The advantage of an oval table over a square one is the absence of corners. What is relevant for families with small children. Although if you think about it, the corners of the table can become a source of injury not only for a child, but also for an adult.

Folding oval glass table

An oval-shaped folding glass table will fit well into a high-tech kitchen interior, which is characterized by elements of metal and glass. The tabletop is processed according to modern technology, which makes the glass durable and impact resistant. An oval folding glass table is usually folded according to a technology close to the principle of assembling a familiar wooden table — books, although the fastenings of the side surfaces are slightly different. It is not necessary to cover such a table with a tablecloth. Actually, the whole charm of an oval folding glass table is that the tabletop can have a variety of colors and patterns. A transparent countertop looks no worse than any colored, plain or containing a pattern. Both fresh and dried stains can be easily removed from the oval-shaped glass folding table with a damp cloth. If it is difficult to remove dried stains, use a detergent. By no means powder. This may damage the table surface.

Extendable oval wooden dining table

We are much more accustomed to seeing an oval-shaped folding wooden dining table in the interior than a glass one. Such tables can be attributed to the classics of the interior of the kitchen or dining room. They look very good in the general interior, decorating it with the nobility of natural wood. Today, the owners are trying to move away from the habit of setting tables with a tablecloth, so having an oval-shaped folding dining table, you can enjoy how plates of food look great against the backdrop of napkins and aristocratic wood.

The universal color for an oval-shaped folding wooden dining table is democratic white. In any color palette of the interior of the kitchen, living room or dining room, a white folding oval dining table will look beautiful and appropriate. A contrasting play of colors will look very advantageous, for example, red apples against a white table or a vase of flowers.


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