Outdoor wooden clothes hanger


Outdoor wooden clothes hanger

A piece of furniture that we constantly encounter upon returning home or leaving the house is a hanger. More than a century has passed since the invention of the first hanger. For the sake of customers, the list of materials for its manufacture is expanding and the number of models is increasing. Classic wood never goes out of style. Therefore, wooden hangers, as before, remain at the peak of popularity. Outdoor wooden clothes hanger can bring novelty to the interior of any room, especially the hallway.

Outdoor wooden clothes hanger — variations

Buying such a piece of furniture as a floor wooden clothes hanger just because you like it is not worth it. It looks especially beautiful in spacious rooms. Usually it is placed in the corner of the room or along the wall, choosing a model that occupies a minimum area or vice versa, more voluminous. But in a small apartment, it can only interfere, and you are unlikely to be satisfied with your purchase.

A wooden floor hanger is a functional structure designed to store everyday clothes. Therefore, the main requirements for it are not only originality and beauty, but also environmental friendliness and durability. Many companies offer the manufacture of hangers to order. Thus, you yourself can choose an exclusive model that would match the style of the room, size and color. Many designs consist of just a few parts: a high stand, support and hooks. Their price depends on the type of wood. On sale you can find similar collapsible hangers. And, also those on which shelves and drawers for small things are additionally provided, a stand for umbrellas. A real decoration of the house will be a floor wooden white hanger. A popular material among manufacturers is hevea, which is easy to process, thereby making it possible to produce hangers of the most intricate shape and different colors. Very little space is occupied by a suit floor wooden single clothes hanger. Using it in everyday life, you will always be sure that your clothes will remain well-groomed and tidy. A similar model of a double floor hanger will bring a double benefit.

Mobile models on wheels are popular. This small detail allows you to easily move the hanger in any direction, changing the interior of the room. Your choice of solid wood in white, milky, walnut, brown or wenge.

An additional function of the hanger can be a mirror. It will help you not only control your appearance, but also add space in case, for example, there is a lack of lighting in the hallway. Performing many functions, this piece of furniture is quite capable of replacing a small dressing room.

Outdoor wooden clothes hanger in the children’s room

Unusual models of hangers designed specifically for children will help parents to accustom a child to order. To date, their range is very large in a variety of styles. It can be a marine style or hangers in the form of pencils of various colors. Will cheer up the child and will attract to hang trousers and a shirt hanger-chair. Models in the form of plants or animals look unusually colorful.

In the production of furniture for children, environmentally friendly paints and varnishes should be used. In addition, when buying, you need to pay attention to the fact that the hanger could not injure the child. It is better if for a small child it will be on a particularly strong stand of rounded shapes.


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