Modular cabinets

Furniture takes up about 40% of the entire area of ​​​​your home. Wouldn’t it be wiser to get rid of several bulky structures, replacing them with one that is lighter and more functional? Modular wardrobes are a smart way to play with space.

Module construct

Modular furniture consists of a wall panel equipped with closed and open shelves of various configurations. Sections are divided into those that are used for clothes, books, souvenirs or as a showcase, sideboard. It is convenient to place the design along the wall, however, in conditions of space saving, corner modular cabinets are especially popular.

Sections have folding, folding and sliding doors. Neighboring components are attached using tie-down parts. Modular cabinets for the living room are usually equipped with special holes for connecting a TV, stereo system. Console shelves are used for decoration. They are attached using supporting metal or plastic pipes. Aluminum paired with frosted glass is a winning bet when designing facades. Lightweight chrome legs.

Features of model systems

For such furniture, including modular wardrobes, MDF, chipboard, solid wood are used as the basis. MDF has excellent decorative possibilities: a wide range of colors, a variety of shapes.

Modular wardrobes for the bedroom, like for any other room, look more interesting with the use of external lighting located on the top of the canopy, or internal in glazed elements. A set of shelves, racks, closed sections, a headset can be clearly selected depending on your requirements. So modular wardrobes for clothes are more closed.

Modular kitchen cabinets are made up of more smaller pieces.

A huge plus of modular wardrobes for the hallway, for example, is mobility. Built-in structures cannot be rearranged, and it is not so easy to dismantle when moving.

Modular furniture is profitable and convenient!

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