Kitchen floor cabinet


Kitchen floor cabinet

The floor cabinet is a classic version of kitchen furniture. Indeed, not a single interior can do without such an element, whether it is a spacious kitchen or a very small room for cooking. There are several varieties of outdoor kitchen cabinets.

Floor standing kitchen cabinets with countertop

The floor cabinet has decorative legs or rests on technical legs hidden by a plinth. Often such cabinets are used to store large and heavy items in them: dishes, small household appliances. Compared to hanging cabinets, floor cabinets have an increased depth of up to 60 cm.

A versatile outdoor kitchen cabinet with a countertop can perform two functions at once: serve as a cabinet for storing food supplies, dishes, and also be used as a desktop.

Kitchen floor cabinets without countertop

Countertops in kitchen floor cabinets can be either built-in or removable. You can purchase a kitchen cabinet without a countertop in case you need to replace only the floor component. And in a separately purchased countertop, if necessary, you can embed a sink. Such a cabinet will most often be hollow inside so that there are water and drain pipes, a water filter, a food waste grinder, etc. In such a cabinet there is a place for a trash can or container attached to the inside of the door.

In a floor cabinet without a countertop, you can place a hob with an oven under it.

Floor standing kitchen cabinet with drawers

Very comfortable floor cabinets with drawers. There are models with small drawers located from top to bottom. There are options with small drawers at the top, and at the bottom of the cabinet there is a large drawer for large dishes, tall bottles and other things.

Floor corner kitchen cabinets

Very convenient, especially in small kitchens, corner floor cabinets. You can purchase a cabinet with rotating shelves inside, or with a mechanism for sliding shelves that slide out when the cabinet door is opened.


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