Folding transforming beds


Folding beds transformers

Each of us dreams of having a large bed in a spacious bedroom. However, not everyone has this luxury. An alternative to this is a fairly new type of furniture — a folding bed-transformer. Such a piece of furniture, not differing at all in the degree of comfort from an ordinary bed, can easily be folded, turning into a compact wardrobe.

Advantages of a transforming bed with a folding mechanism

The main advantage of a folding or lifting, as it is also called, transforming bed is the saving of free space in the room. In addition, such a bed is a practical and comfortable piece of furniture in a modern interior. After all, in the daytime it is a closet with a stylish, often mirrored facade, and at night, with the help of special mechanisms, it turns into a comfortable single or double bed.

Folding wardrobe-bed can be with a vertical lifting mechanism and with a horizontal one. In the first case, when the bed is folded, there is no space for shelves above it. But on the sides of such a cabinet there are many shelves for different things.

In the second case, there is space for shelves in the upper part of the cabinet above the folded bed. In appearance, a horizontal folding bed is similar to a shelf in a train compartment.

Today, the most popular folding bed-cabinet transformer, the lifting mechanism in which consists of bearing supports and a high-power gas shock absorber. Thanks to such a high-quality mechanism, the lifting bed is durable and reliable. Such folding beds transformers can be either single or double.

Most models of convertible folding beds are equipped with special fasteners that hold the mattress and bedding when the bed is folded. You can order a special compartment for pillows in the closet. The inside of the cabinet is equipped with shelves for storing various things. In some models, the bed in the raised state is closed by sliding doors.

Folding beds transformers with a sofa can be used in the living room or bedroom.

A bunk folding bed-transformer is used in children’s rooms. A fairly simple transformation mechanism allows even teenagers to independently manage such furniture.

A folding bed-transformer will make the interior of your room modern, convenient and comfortable.


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