floor vase


floor vase

Such a seemingly simple thing as a vase plays a huge role in the design of the room. Over the long years of its existence, it has come a long way from a storage vessel to a completely independent piece of decor. Large vases over 40 cm are called floor vases, since they produce the greatest effect from the floor. In order not to ruin the interior of the room, but rather to make it more interesting, it is important to choose a vase for the style of the room. If necessary, a floor vase can focus on itself. Particularly beautiful in this regard are compositions that are created by color or shape.

Decorative floor vases — material

A variety of materials are used to make vases: ceramics and glass, metal and wood. Technological processes make it possible to obtain vessels of different sizes and original shapes.

Floor glass vases are distinguished by a wide range of colors. Fragility, bordering on airiness, creates a unique interior element from a glass vase. You can successfully use them to create still lifes. After all, transparent glass is in harmony with almost all plants, whether it is a potted or cut flower. Floor glass vases fit perfectly into the style of minimalism, hi-tech and modern style.

Able to decorate our lives and floor ceramic vase. Ceramics (faience, porcelain) with ethnic inscriptions and images printed on it is an obligatory detail of the ethnic style. Colorful drawings have the gift of captivating us and temporarily moving us into the world of flowers or elements. A floor high vase made of ceramics in itself attracts the eye, so the maximum that can be put in it is a sprig of a plant. Particularly expensive pieces are decorated with gold and platinum, created by hand with crystal inlay and enamel coating.

In terms of beauty, handmade wicker floor vases can be compared with expensive vases. Made of natural material, storing the energy of the sun, they will take their rightful place in a spacious living room or any other room. These products are in harmony with wicker furniture. Often, wicker flowers made of the same material serve as an addition to them.

Today, no one will be surprised by the fusion of such concepts as a floor vase and modular origami — a skill that even a child can master if desired. There is no doubt that anyone who enters the room will be delighted by the masterpiece you have created from such a simple material as paper.

According to the laws of Feng Shui, the northern sector of your home is a great place for a metal floor vase with its brilliance and iridescence. Hi-tech, loft and modern style with high ceilings in the living room and the latest technologies gravitate towards this material. Optionally, you can buy a vase with gilding, forged, galvanized or painted metal.

Floor white vase in the interior

Separately, it is worth highlighting a white vase, from which it breathes freshness and lightness. It comes in different shades and is used in any stylistic direction. Most often, white vases are made of ceramics and porcelain, less often metal and stone.

Floor vases-lamps

From an ordinary object that decorates the room during the day, in the evening the floor vase lamp turns into a source of soft light, so necessary to create comfort. These are very durable products that are created in a certain style from different materials, both natural (rattan) and artificial. You can choose a lamp in the form of flowers for an ordinary floor vase.


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