Floor TV stands


Floor TV stands

Today, many people are abandoning the classic wide TVs in favor of plasma panels and LCD screens. However, modern models are quite large, so there are problems with their installation in the apartment. What if the selected TV does not fit into a niche in the wall or looks ridiculous on a small cabinet? In this case, it is better to choose a floor stand for a TV. It firmly fixes the panel and looks good in any interior. In addition, the stand has a number of useful qualities:

  • the possibility of installing additional equipment on the shelves;
  • does not need to carry out complex installation work, which are mandatory in the case of wall brackets;
  • the product is equipped with wheels, so it can be moved to the right place;
  • the presence of a special «cable channel» in which you can hide the wires;
  • You can adjust the height and rotate the monitor;
  • wide model range.

In addition, the stand can be used not only at home, but also at presentations, seminars and conferences.

Floor stands for LCD TVs

The design of the rack is quite simple. It consists of a barbell standing on a cruciform base. There is a TV mount above the bar. The height of the stand and the position of the screen are adjustable, so the monitor can be placed in a position that is comfortable for you. Some models have a built-in wire management system that gathers the cable into bundles using a spring-like tube or plastic holder.

The design of TV floor stands depends largely on the materials used. So, tempered glass or MDF is used for shelves, and chrome-plated aluminum is used for support tubes. The color scheme of the racks is very scarce and includes black, gray and silver.


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