Floor standing kitchen cabinet


When moving to a new apartment, people often choose inexpensive compact furniture that will become a temporary replacement for expensive exclusive furniture. In the case of a kitchen, the function of temporary furniture can be performed by a floor kitchen cabinet. It does not take up much space and can be easily installed in a free corner of the room. In the bedside table you can store dishes, cereals, detergents and other useful little things.

The lineup

Furniture manufacturers offer customers several types of cabinets, which differ in internal filling (shelves and drawers) as well as in design. The following models are the most popular:

  1. Floor standing kitchen cabinets with countertop. A distinctive feature of this model is a solid tabletop that covers the top of the cabinet. Such a product can accommodate many useful kitchen accessories and replace a table or cutting board.
  2. Kitchen floor cabinet with drawers. Classic models are equipped with hinged doors, behind which there are several shelves. But in this cabinet, the shelves are complemented by drawers, so it is more spacious and functional.
  3. Cabinet with built-in sink. An ideal option for those who have just moved into an apartment and did not have time to acquire modern built-in furniture. In place of the countertop in this model, a metal sink is provided, and a siphon and a pipe are hidden behind the doors. You can store dishes and cleaning supplies in the inside, but most people put a trash can there.

Please note that some models of cabinets may include useful additions. These can be wheels for movement, towel holders, folding countertops and built-in drawers for storing vegetables. The more such accessories will be in the furniture, the more functions it will perform.


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