Floor rack for clothes


Floor rack for clothes

If several people live in your apartment, then it becomes necessary to place and store clothes. And then you can not do without various devices, one of which is a floor rack for clothes. Such furniture elements are very convenient both in a small apartment hallway and in a spacious room with dressing rooms. A floor rack for clothes will be very appropriate in the country.

Benefits of floor racks for clothes

  • to assemble or disassemble such a rack, no special skills are required, and additional space is also not needed;
  • almost all models are equipped with wheels, and they can be easily moved around the floor if necessary;
  • the stand is easily adjustable in height, so it can be convenient to use even for children;
  • if you store things on a coat hanger hanging on a floor stand, they will not wrinkle, do not cake, and their appearance will be impeccable;
  • Compared with the closet, the cost of the floor clothes rack is much lower.

There are floor racks for clothes with a cover. Such models are called a dressing rack, since all clothes hanging on it are closed from dust and light. Often such closed racks are used to store winter clothes in the summer, or to store things in the country. Such a floor stand-hanger will also come in handy during repairs in the apartment to protect your clothes from dust and dirt.

Open floor racks for clothes will be convenient in dressing rooms, as they can be deployed or moved if necessary. In the hallway, an open floor rack can be used to store outerwear.

Racks for clothes are single and double, that is, having one or two crossbars located at different levels. On the high bar it is convenient to store long women’s dresses or trousers, and on the low bar — blouses and jackets. In addition, double models are often complemented by shelves for storing various small accessories.

Sometimes floor racks for clothes can have drawers, which will allow you to place more clothes and things on them. In addition, such racks with drawers at the bottom make it more stable and reliable.

When buying a floor stand, remember that light models are not designed to store heavy fur coats and winter coats on them.

Floor racks for clothes can be made from two main materials: wood and metal, although there are also combined products.

Floor Metal Clothes Rack

The floor metal rack is made of mirror stainless steel. Therefore, it is stable and reliable, regardless of the amount of clothes hanging on it. It can be easily assembled and disassembled without any additional tools. Thanks to the many different models of such racks, you can choose exactly the one that suits a particular interior of an apartment, office or, for example, a cafe. In addition, the universal floor stand can be used to display clothes at exhibitions or in boutiques.

The metal floor hanger does not weigh down the design and can perfectly fit into any modern interior style: hi-tech, modern or avant-garde.

Floor Wooden Clothes Rack

Wooden floor hanger looks beautiful and noble. Most often it is used to store dresses and suits, and then it will serve you for many years. If you hang wet outerwear on such a wooden rack, then soon the hanger may deform and lose its attractive appearance.

A wooden floor hanger with a seat on which you can sit down to take off your shoes will be very convenient for the hallway. Some models have a shoe rack at the bottom.


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