DIY double bed


DIY double bed

Furniture of good quality, and even made of natural wood, will cost a pretty penny. The original design paired with a good mattress will only increase the cost. So why not save on work, but rely on good materials and a quality orthopedic mattress? Below we will consider several options for making a do-it-yourself double bed.

Do-it-yourself wooden double bed in eco-style

First, we will consider a master class in which you don’t have to design anything special or pre-make drawings.

  1. First, we will make the base from the boards. To do this, we take measurements from the finished mattress.
  2. DIY double bed1 DIY double bed2
  3. We will connect the boards crosswise. First we mark where we will make connectors for the top board.
  4. DIY double bed3 Do-it-yourself double bed4
  5. And now, as carefully as possible, we cut out the connectors for the fasteners.
  6. The base of the body is ready.
  7. Do-it-yourself double bed5

  8. In order to be able to lay out the boards under the mattress, we will fix an additional board inside the frame around the entire perimeter.
  9. We lay the bottom of the bed.
  10. DIY double bed9

  11. Next, you need to make legs for a do-it-yourself double bed. We will use real wooden decks or poles as legs.
  12. Do-it-yourself double bed10

  13. They should also cut openings for the cross, which is obtained in the attachment points of the sidewalls of the base.
  14. So, we made a double bed frame with our own hands. It’s a matter of decoration. With a soldering iron or propane-based mechanical torch, you get a very original shade and you don’t need to use any additional coatings or finishes.

DIY industrial style double bed

And here is a metal version, for lovers of an industrial and slightly cool design.

  1. This time we will need aluminum chrome pipes, the so-called «cams» and «tees» assemblies.
  2. Do-it-yourself double bed20 Double bed do it yourself21
  3. Your task is to decide on the width and length of the bed. And then find such pipes in your city and, depending on the estimated length, purchase the required quantity and size.
  4. First, we assemble the headboard and the part where the legs will be located. In the center we additionally put on a hinge. Since further wooden lamellas will be laid under the mattress, it is worth strengthening the structure and ensuring its rigidity and reliability.
  5. Double bed do it yourself22

  6. Assembling the bed frame.
  7. Do-it-yourself double bed23

  8. We lay those same wooden lamellas.
  9. Do-it-yourself double bed24

  10. The result was an original do-it-yourself industrial-style double bed.
  11. Do-it-yourself double bed25

Wooden double bed with box frame do it yourself

The third option is the most difficult. This time we will use the drawings, which fully describe the process of forming a box-shaped bed frame.

  1. So, for starters, you should consider the frame model from all sides, indicating the dimensions of each part.
  2. Do-it-yourself double bed29 Do-it-yourself double bed30
  3. Below is the model of the side. The headboard is on the right, the legs will be on the left.
  4. Cross section of the frame near the legs.
  5. Do-it-yourself double bed35

  6. Headboard.
  7. To make a double bed with our own hands, we will use self-tapping screws, building glue (since some parts have different thicknesses, we will additionally glue sheets of drywall or boards to them to reach the same thickness).
  8. On the glue we collect the details of the headboard.
  9. Next, we separately assemble each part of the frame, then these parts into one.
  10. In the inner part, structures can be strengthened with iron corners. You can also, if desired, use the side parts of the frame as small shelves, add legs, or use the option of fixing wooden lamellas from the first master class.

As a result, it turns out that saving on work, acquiring good building materials and showing a little imagination for decorating is not so difficult.


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