Children’s beds for boys


Children's beds for boys

Furniture for young travelers and superheroes sometimes becomes the very secluded place where you want to relax and think about tomorrow’s exploits. Children’s beds for boys are no less bright and original than those for young princesses. There are many models, colors and original design ideas. What can you choose for a room for boys of different ages?

Boy’s ship bed

This is one of the universal options for children of different ages. Here are bright multi-colored beds in the attic, just a stylization of the frame for a boat. For older children, they usually choose furniture completely stylized as a marine theme. As a rule, these are white-blue-blue shades.

A ship-bed for a boy can become a full-fledged furniture set of drawers, shelves and small niches for all kinds of children’s treasures. But what if you build a full-fledged pirate ship with rope ladders, a steering wheel and a chest? If you wish, you can order any furniture that you can imagine.

In terms of color design, no one limits it exclusively to the marine range. For the little ones, they often choose more «childish» ones — green, yellow, blue. It looks very similar to the design in the form of an airplane. The lines and types of construction are almost the same, the difference is only in the drawing itself.

Beds for teenage boys

As a rule, teenagers are less likely to give preference to cribs and choose traditional beds, with a headboard and a full bed. Usually these are classic room design solutions without special interesting details. These beds are chosen by serious young men who prefer practicality.

The option for a teenage boy with a sofa bed remains very popular. A convenient solution for small rooms when you need to remove the bed and thereby get a sofa to relax during the day.

A loft bed for a boy is one of the most requested designs. The sleeping place is located at a height, which significantly saves space. Under it is either a workplace with a full-fledged desk, or a wardrobe for clothes. Such furniture sets can be located along the wall or have an angular design. Beds for teenage boys at a height allow you to remove everything superfluous in the closets and thereby ensure order in the room, instill cleanliness in the child, and also help with cleaning on time.

Children’s beds for preschool boys

For the smallest, there is a whole rating of the most popular design options. In the list, the first place is rightfully occupied by a bed-car for a boy. Well, what kid does not dream of going to bed and at the same time becoming the driver of his favorite car? Here, not only the classic design of beds for boys with the characters of the cartoon Cars, but also whole locomotives or tractors, there are even reduced models of the most famous brands of cars.

A bed-house for boys is another way to give free rein to the imagination of a child. Small analogues of a treehouse, just a cozy hut under the bed will be a child’s favorite secluded place. There are models with an analogue of a bed in the attic, and there are also stylized bunk beds for boys. Great solution for the little twins’ room.

Children’s chair-beds for boys are usually chosen in cases where it is necessary to equip a sleeping place for a child in a one-room apartment or get an extra bed for a small guest. In this case, the design of the chair itself is no different and the bed is obtained due to one of the standard folding mechanisms. But among the design options you will find chairs with a back in the form of a typewriter, and boats, or just bears.


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