Children’s bed-house


Children's bed-house

A bed for an adult is just a resting place. But for children it is always something more. In addition to a bed, the crib is a protection for the child from evil monsters that appear in the room after dark. For a restful sleep, it is very important that the baby feels comfortable and safe in his bed. And a lot depends on the design of the bed itself. We present to your attention a very interesting option — a children’s bed in the form of a house.

Baby bed models

There are many design options for children’s beds-houses: these are different models for boys and girls. Among themselves, they differ in style, height, color and the presence of additional accessories such as bookshelves or a built-in night light. But they are united by the presence of a roof, windows, stairs, a fence and other characteristic decorative elements. The bed-house does not have to be wooden (although this material, as you know, is most preferable for children’s furniture), models of such beds made of bright plastic are also on sale.

A single bed-house can be standard low or made as a loft bed. The latter is very convenient for saving space in a small room. The upper part is actually the child’s sleeping place, and the lower part can be designed as a play or work area, or used to store things.

Making a bed-house for a girl usually involves pastel colors, lace and canopies. But there are also interesting models stylized as a princess castle or a gingerbread house.

But the bed-house, designed for a boy, can be decorated in a marine or pirate style, or, say, in the form of a tree house.

For two children living in one room, a bunk bed-house will be an excellent solution.

There are also beds that combine a whole play complex, which includes a slide, tunnels, shelves for toys and much more. Such furniture will be used not only for sleeping, but also for various games, and will certainly become your child’s favorite place.


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