Car bed


Car bed

Perhaps, any boy dreams of falling asleep in the original bed made under the typewriter. Very young racers are usually delighted with the famous Lightning McQueen, older guys often choose smaller copies of the most famous racing cars. One way or another, a bed in the form of a typewriter will be a win-win option if you want to furnish a child’s room in an original way and surprise him.

Features of the choice of baby beds in the form of a car

Even if the bed has an unusual design, the requirements for it are completely standard and differ little from those presented to ordinary furniture for children. First of all, let’s decide on a sleeping place. The size of the bed will depend on the size of the mattress you choose for your child. The stores offer different types of mattresses, but the sizes are standard:

  • 80×210 cm;
  • 90×190 cm;
  • 80×180 cm;
  • 80×160 cm.

When choosing, consider the fact that this type of crib will not grow with the child, and therefore it is impractical to buy them for a couple of years. Firstly, you will have to rearrange the furniture and figure out how to arrange a new bed in two or three years (and due to this design, it can be quite bulky and even a slight difference in the size of the mattress will significantly affect the overall dimensions of the furniture). In addition, it is worthwhile to understand that the price of such pleasure will not be low and it is better to think about buying a bed for at least five years.

The bed in the form of a car will be made of standard materials. As a rule, it is plastic or chipboard. But you won’t be able to determine safety by eye, be sure to ask the seller for certificates of quality and conformity, a hygienic conclusion. This also applies to the mattress, which is often included. Do not hesitate, because the high cost of the crib must be supported by decent quality.

Next, take a closer look at the beds in the form of a typewriter. Pay attention to the bumpers to protect the child during sleep, sharp or protruding parts, how well the connection and fixation of each part is made. It would be nice to find a model where beautiful design is combined with practicality. For example, drawers under the bed, wheels in the form of ottomans or drawers from the doors.

What can be children’s beds in the form of a typewriter?

Now let’s touch directly on the design itself. Typically, these cribs are chosen for a certain style of the room, and therefore the model of the car is selected according to the age of the child and his preferences. And the choice of design also depends on this.

  1. As a rule, older children prefer a Mercedes car bed or other well-known brands. These are not bright and slightly cartoonish drawings, but almost copies of real cars. The most common Mercedes car bed is made of chipboard, where the walls are made of a flat board, and the pattern itself is already applied to it. In more expensive plastic models from world manufacturers, the crib completely repeats the lines of the car, with all its details and protruding parts.
  2. A bunk bed is made in the same way. By design, it is no different from ordinary furniture for two children, but the side walls have the outlines of a car. Usually, instead of a pasted image, a primitive drawing using two or three colors of laminated chipboard.
  3. And of course, the most expensive version of the car bed is plastic models with all sorts of «bells and whistles». There are luminous headlights as a night light, and many small shelves or additional niches. Usually these are streamlined shiny plastic cases, completely repeating the outlines of a particular car. There are original options with a remote control in the form of an alarm keychain so that you can control the machine bed, namely light and sound effects.


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