Bed with drawers


Bed with drawers

In a small apartment, the issue of storage space is very acute, so people are trying to select multifunctional furniture, which, in addition to its main function, will serve as a “storage” of clothes. The brightest representative of such furniture is a bed with drawers. At the bottom, it has from one to three drawers, in which you can place several sets of bed linen and even a couple of pillows. Another advantage of this model is that dust and debris do not collect under the bottom, as is usually the case with traditional models with legs.

The lineup

Furniture manufacturers offer a choice of several models of beds with drawers. The most popular are the following options:

  1. Single sofa bed with drawers. It has a low back and handles, giving a resemblance to a sofa. However, this sofa has a special orthopedic mattress on which it is very comfortable to sleep. The drawers are deep enough so you can store not only bed linen, but also blankets.
  2. High double bed with drawers. This option is ideal for a classic bedroom. Due to the fact that the bed is high and quite voluminous, all attention is riveted to it, therefore, you need to carefully consider the choice of bed linen and bedspreads. The drawers in this design are very deep and roomy, so even soft toys can be stored in them. Some particularly high beds have several rows of drawers, which looks very exotic.
  3. Teenage bed with drawers. Such a model usually combines the properties of a bed and a sofa, that is, it has a back or a row of pillows. The product has a bright and original design that fits perfectly into the style of a teenager’s room.
  4. Children’s bed with drawers. In children’s models, retractable shelves are often combined with an additional soft seat, which serves as a place to play or insure the child in case he falls out of the crib. In the boxes themselves, you can store children’s things, toys and books.

How to choose?

When purchasing a multifunctional bed, carefully study the shelf pull-out mechanism. They should come out easily and quickly, without making strong squeaks. The handles must be firmly nailed to the drawers. Would be nice to have extra handles included.


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