Bed for a teenage girl


Bed for a teenage girl

A teenager’s room is his personal world, so you need to decorate it in an original and catchy way. Here you need to take into account many nuances, starting with the choice of wallpaper / paint and flooring, ending with textiles and furniture. A very important role is played by the equipment of the bed. So, if this is a girl, then the best solution would be a bed. It should be stylish, comfortable and be sure to fit in height. What other properties should a bed for a teenage girl have and what models are on the furniture market? More on that below.

Criterias of choice

First of all, you need to examine the material from which the frame is made. The best option would be a natural tree, for example, birch, alder, pine. You can also choose furniture with wrought iron elements. However, be prepared that you will have to pay much more for it. An important point is also the design of the crib. The model should have a system of spring bars that serve as the basis for the mattress. The slats can have a step of 2-7 cm, depending on the weight and activity of the girl. The higher the load on the bed, the smaller the gap between the planks should be.

An optional, but very useful option is the presence of built-in drawers in which you can put toys and bedding.

Beautiful beds for teenage girls

So, what do modern furniture manufacturers offer? There are several options:

  1. Loft bed. A good option for a teenage girl. It combines a sleeping place and a functional work desk with built-in shelves and cabinets. The only thing to consider is whether the girl is afraid of heights, since the bed will be located under the ceiling.
  2. Sofa bed for a teenage girl. The advantage of this bed is that in the morning it turns into a comfortable sofa where you can play and receive guests. May include drawers.
  3. Bunk beds for teenage girls. Interesting piece of furniture. It combines two beds, but it does not take up much space in the room. Modern bed models are equipped with a locker system, and shelves serve as steps. Very comfortable and unique!
  4. classic bed. Traditional model with high headboard and wooden frame. Looks elegant and romantic. A girl who dreams of becoming a princess will love it.

As you can see, with such an assortment, choosing the right model is not at all difficult. You just need to decide on the budget and design of the room.


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