Baby car beds for boys


Baby car beds for boys

The design of a children’s room is a creative process, since strict forms and seasoned design play the last role here. Here, bright colors, fantasy furniture and interesting non-standard designs become more relevant. Having created a fairy tale for the child in reality, parents stimulate the development of the child’s imagination and creative thinking, make being in the room a real holiday. So, what items help in creating a fabulous interior for a child’s room?

First of all, it’s a bed. If we talk about beds for boys, then it is better to consider the automotive theme. Cribs in the form of racing cars, luxury convertibles and retro cars look bright and unconventional, so they do not bother the baby and give the room the look of a playground. How to choose children’s car beds for boys and what models are on the market for modern children’s furniture? More on that below.

Children’s beds in the form of a car — model features

Figured beds are made of voluminous plastic, less often of wood. Plastic furniture looks expensive and realistic, its color is saturated, and its shape is streamlined. It can be equipped with a mass of gadgets, namely:

  • luminous headlights and thresholds;
  • wheel LEDs;
  • front-view mirrors;
  • functional doors that can be closed and opened;
  • a special retractable shelf in which you can store things / bed linen;
  • a rear wing that can function as a stand for toys or books.

Such beds practically do not scratch, which is very important in the case of children’s furniture. The only negative is that fingerprints are very noticeable on the varnished surface, but they are easily removed when wiped with a rag.

Now as for the wooden car bed for children. Unlike the plastic model, it has a simpler design and pale coloring. But keep in mind that this is an exclusive handmade, and the material is completely natural and environmentally friendly. You should choose such a bed if the room has a wooden wardrobe and a table, and the walls are painted in soft pastel colors.

Quality indicators

So, how to choose a bed machine? First of all, you need to pay attention to the quality of the material. If it is plastic, then it should be dense enough and not have chips; if it is wood, then it should not have roughness due to which a splinter can be driven. In plastic models, equipped with all kinds of lights, all the bulbs should work, and the wires should be tight. Be sure to carefully study the drawing. It is desirable that it be exactly drawn, and not pasted in the form of a film. Otherwise, the image will get wet when it comes into contact with water and the furniture will lose its original appearance.

Mattress quality matters a lot. Most manufacturers produce a bed without it, but if the model comes with a mattress, then it must meet all standards, namely, have a rigid springless frame and perform orthopedic functions.

We develop the design of the bedroom

If you decide to pamper your child with a figured bed, then try to develop a decent nursery interior. You can stylize it with a racing theme, using wallpaper with the image of the tracks, and furniture with the image of elements of the cars. The most suitable color for such an interior would be red and blue.

If there is not enough money to implement such a grandiose project, then you can simply hang curtains with cartoon cars and buy several large toy cars that will serve as an additional decoration for the bedroom.


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