The first folding transforming beds appeared in the relatively distant 1921 in America. And since then, having appreciated the functionality and convenience of such furniture with the high cost of square meters, it began to be produced in many countries of the world — Italy, England, Singapore. And today, a wardrobe-bed-sofa is far from a fantasy, but a quite common model.

Advantages of a bed with a sofa built into the closet

Do not confuse this furniture with an ordinary folding sofa. Wardrobe-bed-sofa — these are two completely independent pieces of furniture, which at the same time are one, and under different circumstances take one form or another. During the day it is a sofa and shelves above it, and at night the panel drops and turns the sofa into a full-fledged bed without joints, sofa cushions and other dubious amenities of sleeping on a folding sofa.

So we have such advantages as a healthy sleep on an orthopedic mattress, the ability to install in the living room (which is especially convenient in a one-room apartment), easy transformation, convenient cleaning in hard-to-reach places (usually a lot of dust accumulates under a wide stationary bed).

And the most important advantage of furniture-transformer sofa-bed-wardrobe is, of course, a significant saving of precious space. And if you also organize a niche for storing rarely used things, then the functionality of this type of furniture will increase even more and you will get not two but three-in-one.

Also, keep in mind that there are bunk beds with a sofa and a wardrobe, so you can have two places to sleep at once, which saves even more space in the room. This is especially often and successfully used in children’s rooms, where it is important to provide enough space for two children to play.

You can buy a ready-made transformer, or you can order it at a furniture factory to fit your specific room dimensions, choose the color and quality of the finish, then it will definitely satisfy all your needs for a comfortable and cozy space organization.

When creating the interior of a room, remember that a lot of pieces of furniture and their irrational arrangement spoil the impression and create an atmosphere of tightness and conciseness. In a small apartment, we, unfortunately, cannot move the walls apart, but instead of two or three pieces of furniture, installing one is quite realistic. And then you will avoid the feeling of discomfort from the congestion of space, while providing yourself with a comfortable place to relax.


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