Wall cabinet in the bathroom


Wall cabinet in the bathroom

In any home, the bathroom plays an important role. Here we look in the mirror every morning, take a shower and put on makeup. Therefore, our mood sometimes depends on how comfortable this part of the house is equipped.

In order for the bathroom to find its style and functionality, you need to choose the right furniture. Moisture-resistant cabinets, shelves and additional accessories will help to hide all accessories and detergents in one place. Designers pay special attention to this type of bathroom furniture as a wall cabinet. It usefully occupies an empty space on the wall, is appropriate in any interior and serves as an indispensable item for those who love order in everything. Today there are many varieties of this kind of furniture, for every taste and color.

Hinged bathroom mirror cabinet

With the help of such a simple and roomy piece of furniture, it is easy to hide all foreign objects from the eyes. Specialists have worked hard to create unique, stylish mirror wall cabinets for the bathroom, which in themselves are the decoration of the room. In addition, they can be mounted in any way: vertically, horizontally or in a corner, which helps save a significant amount of space.

A hanging mirrored bathroom cabinet, as a rule, is equipped with several shelves or drawers inside, where you can easily place all cosmetics and other trifles. But the mirror on the door is of particular value here. It is ideal for shaving and applying make-up. In addition, the mirror surface helps to visually lengthen a small room. And by choosing the most appropriate shape, size and lighting of a wall-mounted bathroom cabinet, you can transform the interior in an unusual way, make it more sophisticated and lively.

The material for the manufacture of this kind of furniture is used very different. It can be glass, wood, special metal alloys, chipboard or MDF, which are not afraid of moisture. However, among all the most convenient and practical plastic narrow bathroom cabinet. It is not expensive, suitable for the smallest bathroom and remains in its original form for many years.

Corner cabinet in the bathroom

If the bathroom has a free corner that is empty, it can be easily turned into a functional part of the room. To do this, it is enough to install a corner cabinet in the bathroom. Such a piece of furniture does not take up much space, while being spacious, it is no different from a regular cabinet, since it is equipped with several wide glass or plastic shelves inside.

Such a wall cabinet in the bathroom can be hung in any corner, but it will look most harmoniously on the same level as the sink.

Hinged horizontal bathroom cabinet

If you want to decorate the interior in a more modern style, then it is best to stop at horizontal wall cabinets in the bathroom. The standard height of such a model is not so great — a maximum of 40 cm. However, the capacity of the cabinet does not decrease from this, since the length of the structure can be unlimited, and one structure easily occupies at least the entire empty wall.

Horizontal bathroom cabinets are the safest and easiest to use. To get the desired item, you do not have to reach high to the top shelf, because the items are located not in height, but in width. For convenience, you can order doors with modern opening systems with mirrors or roller shutters. This will facilitate the operation of the cabinet and help visually enlarge the small bathroom.


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