Sofa unfolding forward

A modern living room is rarely without solid and comfortable upholstered furniture, and the sofa is the central exhibit of the soft composition, which, like a general, rules in this room. That is why you need to choose it extremely scrupulously and tastefully. If earlier the transformation mechanism was only of one type, now there are dozens of them, which makes it very difficult to resolve this issue. Some products open like a book, another sofa bed folds forward or to the side, others transform like a telescope. Here are some descriptions of common models.

Choosing a sofa folding forward

  1. Pull-out sofas. This type of transformation can be called the most reliable and designed for very frequent use. It is extremely convenient to use a roll-out sofa — if necessary, you pull the strap hidden in the seat, and the front part easily stretches forward until it stops. At the same time, the back is folded, taking its place in the design. 10 years is the standard warranty period for such forward-folding sofas.
  2. Upholstered furniture with a dolphin mechanism. If you are looking for a corner sofa that folds forward, then this model may come in handy. When folded, the product is a regular soft corner. But it is worth pulling the treasured strap, and a wonderful transformation begins. The seat rolls forward, and the second part hidden under it rises, taking its position at the desired level.
  3. Sofas that unfold forward like «accordion». Such furniture consists of three soft parts. Two of them, when folded, are the back, and the third is the seat. If you want to turn the sofa into a full-fledged sleeping place, then all three parts are pulled forward, and they, unfolding, form a flat bed. The main drawback is the thick back. The second nuance is that the reverse transformation in many similar products requires some effort to set the back to its original position.
  4. Sofas «Eurobook». The transformation of such furniture is simple — the seat rolls forward, and the back rotates 90 °, taking up a horizontal position. There is quite a lot of space under the sofa for different things and it is easy to assemble it, so “Eurobooks” are very popular now. The disadvantage is that the back of this furniture is usually hard, because the assembled soft part is on the other side. The problem is usually solved with the help of additional pillows.
  5. Folding sofa.

There are two types of this furniture:

  1. French cot — during transformation, it almost always requires the dismantling of small parts (armrests and pillows). Such furniture is equipped with a mesh of metal or belts and additional steel legs. Unfolding the bed takes some time and is often inconvenient to do.
  2. american cot — the option is less complicated, remove different devices, there is no need here. But the bed is almost always not very strong and it is designed for a certain allowable weight. Disadvantages — sometimes after prolonged use, many products sag the mattress.

You can see that there is a wide variety of furniture here and it is possible to choose both small sofas that fold forward and large enough structures with a transformation system. We hope that our description will make your choice when buying a product easier.

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