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Hanging swing sofas have long ceased to be a novelty and luxury, so they are often found in summer cottages and garden plots of country houses. The average modern person lives life in the hustle and bustle of offices and apartments. In such a life framework, rest and even work in nature are perceived positively. Therefore, spending time reading a book to the rhythmic swaying of a hanging swing sofa in a cozy garden is what you need. Consider the varieties of hanging swing sofas.

Varieties of hanging swing sofas

Garden swing sofas come in two types: metal and wooden. Moreover, both of them can be either made independently (if the necessary equipment is available), or purchased from a specialized manufacturer.

Wooden hanging swing sofas fit more harmoniously into the garden exterior than metal ones. This is due to the fact that the tree from which they are made is a natural material and automatically becomes an excellent logical addition to a garden corner. Wooden swing sofas can be decorated decoratively, from logs or in the form of a gazebo, the railing of which will be decorated with carved wooden lace.

Metal garden swing sofas also harmoniously fit into a picturesque corner of nature in a garden or country plot. Their type and design can be easily chosen from a large number of proposals, so that it harmoniously fits into the overall style of the exterior. The manufacturer offers many options for the execution of garden swing sofas, from the predominance of straight lines to ornate exquisite artistic forging.

What parameters should be guided by when choosing a hanging swing sofa?

How to choose a hanging swing sofa?

If you have decided to decorate your garden with a swing sofa, you need to know a few basic specifications and provisions. This will help you buy exactly the product that will fully satisfy your needs.

  1. The optimal size of a suspended swing sofa. You need to choose the size based on the composition of the family and the number of guests most frequently received. If the family is more than two people and you are always welcome to guests, then it is better to purchase a three-seat hanging sofa swing that can withstand weight up to 400 kg. The maximum load of the double garden swing sofa is 150 kg.
  2. Frame strength. The diameter or thickness of the frame is one of the main indicators. The bigger it is, the better.
  3. Swing accessories. Be attentive to the awning, it should not let moisture through. Whether the pillows are damaged, whether the upholstery from which they are made is suitable for you, its color and strength.

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