Sofa on the balcony


Sofa on the balcony

Furnishing a balcony at first glance seems to be a simple matter, but when it comes down to it, it turns out that everything is not so simple. It is worth putting something bulky on it, as the main space is lost, which is not much anyway. Which sofa to install on the balcony, so that it is comfortable and functional, we will learn from this article.

Correct balcony sofa

When choosing any furniture, including a sofa, for a balcony, three basic rules should be observed: it should be compact, lightweight and at the same time as functional as possible.

Lightness and compactness — these characteristics are inherent in wicker furniture, as well as wooden or plastic. If we are talking about a sofa, then it is better that it is still wooden. Although modern plastic wicker furniture looks very nice. Especially if your balcony is open and everything that is on it gets wet during the rain.

Compactness implies the purchase of small, narrow or possibly corner sofas on the balcony. If you do not find a finished product in the store, you can always order it according to your measurements.

A mini sofa on the balcony can be functional, especially if it is foldable. On it, if desired, you can even settle down for a night’s rest. And in the daytime, reassemble it and free up space for other needs. A folding sofa on the balcony becomes an excellent alternative to a folding bed or a transforming bed that retracts onto the wall.

And separately it must be said about such especially functional furniture on the balcony as a drawer-sofa, a wardrobe-sofa or a nightstand-sofa. They are very useful in conditions of small dimensions, as they save a lot of space. You can store various things in them and at the same time use them as a corner for rest and relaxation in the fresh air after a hard day’s work.


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