Sofa cover


Sofa cover

Almost all of us remember from childhood covers in the form of carpets, with which our mothers covered all the furniture available in the house. At the time it seemed a bit ridiculous and old-fashioned. But with the advent of your family and children, you begin to understand that no, even the most durable, material in the world can withstand a long time if it is not covered with a cover. It should be noted that the sofa cover itself has undergone major changes and now it is no longer an old-fashioned, but a very modern accessory for the interior of the room.

What can be a cover for a two-seater sofa?

There are several types of covers that are designed both for a certain type of construction and for all available ones.

  1. Just a few years ago, the market appeared stretch cover on the sofa. With the development of trade in catalogs, we got the opportunity to purchase the most interesting things at a reasonable price. Not so long ago, our hostesses began to order an elastic sofa cover made of a special stretchy fabric. Its popularity skyrocketed due to several reasons. Firstly, the cover is really universal and it literally stretches over many types of sofa. And the fabric is not only easy to care for, but also quite attractive. Later, special anti-vandal fabrics appeared that will protect your furniture from the claws of a pet. This type is also good because it does not fold, but completely evenly covers the entire surface of the furniture.
  2. Traditionally, models of sofa covers in the form of bedspreads with ties. But this is no longer such a universal option, since you have to look for length and width. In addition, this type of cover will be difficult to find on a corner sofa. But in the case of other models, problems usually do not arise. When the room has very tiny or bulky furniture, it makes sense to sew a cover on the back of the sofa according to your measurements. In terms of amount, it will come out even more profitable, since doing it yourself is not so difficult and you can save on work, but spend money on a more practical fabric. They are fixed with ties, zippers or Velcro.
  3. And finally, the simplest option, just like our childhood, the usual cover. As a rule, the cover is placed on the sofa without armrests. There are also old models that look like carpets, and many use an ordinary plaid as a cover for a sofa book.

sofa cover fabric

Different models of a universal sofa cover are sewn from a very durable, but stretchy fabric. She is not afraid of stains or aggressive cleaning. This is a very good decision if the sofa has become the place where the whole family gathers every day. Often they buy a cover for a corner sofa of this type, since it does not need to be changed often and a presentable appearance remains for a long time.

When it comes to any particular style of interior, you even have to look for a cover accordingly. Natural styles like eco or provence suggest the absence of synthetics as such. Therefore, dense cotton covers will be the ideal solution. The more viscose in the bedspread, the softer and more pleasant the fabric will be for the skin. But regardless of the tactile sensations, quality cotton is usually durable and lasts a long time.

Try to play on the contrast and combination of completely different materials. For example, you have a leather sofa: try to beat the skin and put a linen cover on it. It can be thick and colorful. There will be a contrasting and original combination of textures. But be prepared for the fact that it will be difficult to iron linen and bring it into a presentable appearance. And finally, the most relevant models are made of suede and flock. Flock is generally the record holder for use in the furniture industry recently. Suede will be a little unexpected, but at the same time an interesting addition to your interior.


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