Sofa bed for daily use


Sofa bed for daily use

Not all of us live in spacious mansions or individually designed apartments. The owners of a large house can afford to choose furniture, paying attention primarily to its appearance and aesthetics. Those who live in typical high-rise buildings have the opportunity to decorate their interior with only such upholstered furniture that will fit into this limited footage.

In one- and two-room apartments, where the design does not imply a clear zoning of space, the room can be both a bedroom and a living room, and sometimes even a nursery. And it is simply not possible to place a classic bed and a sofa for daytime relaxation there. However, the furniture industry offers us a large number of 2 in 1 models. By purchasing a folding sofa bed for daily use, you will solve the issue of a place to relax and at the same time save usable space.

And now let’s find out what a comfortable sofa bed should be for daily use!

How to choose a sofa bed?

In small apartments, corner sofas are most often purchased, however, linear models are not uncommon today.

The most important difference between the models of upholstered furniture of this category is the mechanism of transformation. Such a sofa can be very easily and quickly turned into a spacious bed. And since this action is performed daily (during the day the structure is used as a sofa, and at night it is laid out), then the mechanism must be strong and durable.

So, the most typical for 2 in 1 sofa beds are mechanisms such as:

  • withdrawable – simple and at the same time reliable, excellent for long-term use;
  • «Dolphin» — present in corner sofas, does not require special physical effort;
  • «Eurobook» — this mechanism is almost eternal, since there is simply nothing to break there. It also suggests a large niche for linen;
  • «Click Clack» — unfolds like a well-known «book» mechanism, but at the same time has an intermediate back position, convenient for reclining rest;
  • «Accordion» — has the principle of an accordion. When unfolded, it resembles a double bed, but at the same time it has armrests. The bed is quite wide and, moreover, high.
  • another mechanism found in more expensive models — «Sedaflex»in it the spring mechanism can be up to 14 cm high. Such twin beds are a transitional option between everyday and guest models.

Also, when choosing a sofa, an important factor is the filler. Its most popular types are polyurethane foam (synthetic material that holds its shape perfectly), Bonnel spring block (such springs will not deform) and PocketSpring independent springs (such a sofa can withstand even significant loads without bending under heavy weight, and has anatomical features). Of course, the ideal choice for daily use is a sofa bed with an orthopedic mattress, which allows for a comfortable rest at night.

The upholstery of upholstered furniture also deserves attention. It can be microfiber, thermo jacquard, matting (budget options), flock, jacquard, velor, artificial leather (middle price category), tapestry, velor / velvet, genuine leather (higher class). Expensive varieties of upholstery contain natural fabrics, and also have useful practical properties — they do not fade over time, do not ignite, do not get dirty.

Not the most important, but still significant selection criteria are such as the depth of the seat, the degree of elasticity of the surface of the sofa, the presence of a drawer for linen and, of course, its appearance.


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