Pencil case in the bathroom

Accessories for taking shower procedures and household chemicals are usually stored in the bathroom. As a rule, a place for this is allotted in a cabinet, which is located under the sink. However, there are exceptions to any rule, and such a situation may arise that the design of the washbasin does not provide for a cabinet, or its dimensions do not quite meet the existing requirements. In this case, you will need such an attribute of bathroom furniture as a bathroom cabinet. It is a tall, narrow and roomy cabinet that will help you keep bottles and rags away from prying eyes, covering all this stuff with its attractive facade.

Cabinet-pencil case in the bathroom is usually made of materials such as chipboard, MDF, wood, glass, metal. Sometimes these materials are combined with each other, which results in a rather attractive piece of bathroom furniture.

The pencil case can have a variety of designs and designs. At the same time, the materials from which it is made must fully comply with the operating conditions, that is, they must endure sudden temperature changes and exposure to steam. Depending on the dimensions of the bathroom, the owners choose floor and hanging cabinets, which can have a straight and angular shape.

There are quite a variety of designs for bathroom cabinets, from the type of door to the internal content. It is best to choose models that provide for independent regulation of the number and height of shelves. Thus, you can easily arrange all the necessary accessories. In addition, there are 360° swivel bathroom cabinets with top compartments for bathrobes and bottom compartments for a laundry basket. Such designs are very convenient and ergonomic. Bathroom cabinets with open shelves, that is, without a door, are also in demand. In this case, easy access to content is provided.

Bathroom cabinets with a mirrored wall visually increase the space. You don’t really look into such a mirror, but there will be an illusion of a larger room and interior space.

Floor pencil cases

Floor cabinets are a classic bathroom cabinet model. They can have either four legs at the corners or two along the guide sides. When buying such bathroom furniture, pay attention to the material from which the fittings are made. You need to give preference to the pencil case, the handles and fasteners of which are made of steel or have a chrome finish. The corner cabinet with legs fits well in a small bathroom with a tiled floor, saving space. In addition, they visually smooth the corners. The standard dimensions of the pencil case are up to 180 cm in height and up to 40 cm in width.

Hanging pencil cases

Hanging cabinets are commonly used in bathrooms with underfloor heating. In addition to meeting the requirements of such flooring, such furniture provides ease of cleaning. Without moving furniture, mopping becomes much easier. Choosing a hanging bathroom cabinet, you also protect the furniture from exposure to water during cleaning. Hanging pencil cases in the bathrooms look quite modern and stylish.

After you decide on the design features of the bathroom cabinet, pay attention to the appearance of the facade. For a classic interior, an appropriately processed wooden facade or MDF and PVC imitating wood is ideal. For modern styles, choose combined materials — metal and wood, metal and glass. In any case, the cabinet-pencil case should harmoniously fit into the overall interior of the bathroom.

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