New life for old furniture


New life for old furniture

People who are not endowed with creative imagination usually throw out old furniture. But if you don’t raise your hand to throw a table, chest of drawers or other old furniture that has served you for so many years, it’s time to breathe new life into it.

So, our article is about updating old furniture.

How to make old furniture modern

  1. The simplest thing you can do with a battered closet or pencil case is repaint his. Similarly, you can reupholster old armchairs and sofas. This will refresh both the furniture and the very room where it is located. And if you are also planning to do a facelift, then this is the perfect time to create a new image in the room, when all pieces of furniture correspond to one common stylistic line.
  2. Decoupage of old furniture is one of the most popular areas of modern decor. Almost any surface in the house (except, of course, upholstered furniture) can be updated and ennobled using the usual three-color napkins sold in any supermarket. The decoupage technique is quite simple and does not require specific skills:
  • first, the surface should be prepared (cleaned of old paint, smoothed out all irregularities with putty and primed);
  • then the background is applied;
  • the main image is glued (you can use napkins, decoupage cards, color printouts, and even photographs for it);
  • the furniture is opened with a finishing layer of varnish and dried well.

A popular type of decoupage of old furniture is shabby chic — giving the product artificial “antique” scuffs. This will be appropriate if your interior is decorated in an English, classic or vintage style.

  • Furniture can not only be repainted, but also radically change its functional purpose. So, an old stool becomes a fashionable pouffe, an old chair turns into a comfortable bedside table, and an unnecessary door removed from its hinges can be converted into an elegant shelf.
  • Old furniture can start a new life not only within the apartment. If you have a dacha or a private house with a yard, then various pieces of furniture can be used as unusual elements of landscape design. Look great, for example, flowerbeds from old bedside tables, armchairs, chests of drawers and even beds. From an ancient chair, you can make a cute swing for children and adults. And some convert furniture into practical houses or feeders for animals (cats, dogs).

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