Kitchen Dining Tables


Kitchen Dining Tables

At the dinner table, the family gathers for evening tea or Sunday lunch. Here, the hosts can seat guests who have come to a family celebration. It is very important how the dining table fits into the overall design of the kitchen.

Types of dining kitchen tables

If you decide to purchase a kitchen dining table, then first you need to decide how you want it to look and how it will fit in with the rest of the kitchen. There can be a huge number of options. And all this variety of kitchen dining tables can be divided according to several criteria.

  1. By materialfrom which the table is made. It can be solid wood, plastic, glass, chipboard, or a combination of these materials. For a kitchen decorated in a classic style, a dining table made of solid oak, alder or pine is perfect. And in a modern kitchen in modern style, a glass kitchen dining table will fit perfectly. Table legs can be made of metal or the same material as the table top. Moreover, it is not necessary that the table has four legs. Wooden tables on one carved or even forged leg look great. An economical analogue of a wooden table is a chipboard model, which in terms of reliability and strength is practically not inferior to a solid wood product.
  2. By shape tables are round, oval, square and rectangular. Since an oval table cannot be placed against the wall, furniture of this configuration is more suitable for a spacious kitchen, where it can be placed in the middle of the room. For a small kitchen, it is better to purchase a versatile rectangular table, although a square one may look more compact. Modern designers recommend installing a small round table in a small kitchen, which has no corners, looks easy, visually increasing the space of the room. In addition, a corner dining kitchen table is quite suitable for two people. Round dining tables can look great in any kitchen style, and seat more guests around them than rectangular or square tables.
  3. by color, while the solid wood table will perfectly preserve the color and texture of natural wood. If the kitchen table is made of other, cheaper materials, then you can choose the color «under the tree». Today, white dining tables are very popular.
  4. By type of construction tables are monolithic, sliding and folding. Moreover, all options can be not only rectangular, but also round or oval. In such models, the transformation mechanism is very convenient and allows you to quickly and easily fold and unfold the table. A great option for a small kitchen can be a sliding dining kitchen table, the halves of which can be moved apart, and an additional panel can be placed in the center. Thus, a square table can become rectangular, and a round table can become oval. Another option for a kitchen dining table is a folding one, in which the central part remains stationary, and the sides slide out from the bottom of the table and are securely fixed. In other models, the edges of the tabletop can simply be raised and lowered as needed, thereby increasing the table area. Such a transforming table is very convenient in a small kitchen. When folded, it occupies a minimum of free space, and if it is expanded, from two to six additional places for guests appear.

In the furniture market, among the variety of dining kitchen tables, each buyer will be able to find exactly the item that will look harmoniously in his kitchen and at the same time meet all the requirements of the owner.


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