Kitchen corner sofa bed


Kitchen corner sofa bed

A lot of people face the problem of an extra bed. Owners of modest one-room apartments and two-room apartments do not always have the opportunity to comfortably identify their guests. This is especially true for families with many children, who can hardly huddle on their square meters. Bunk beds help out well in a children’s room, but they have their drawbacks, and an overweight adult can hardly fit there. But there is a way to solve this difficult sore problem by installing a corner kitchen sofa with a full-fledged folding bed. We will talk about some of the nuances that future owners of such versatile furniture should know so that they do not make mistakes when buying it.

Dimensions of the kitchen soft corner

When folded, this type of sofa almost always replaces chairs and stools in our kitchenettes. Therefore, when buying, you should calculate the number of family members, the dimensions of the room and the size of your dining table. The set often comes with upholstered chairs, which should also be taken into account when planning. The sleeping place itself should not be less than this standard: 170 cm long and 80 cm wide for an average person. To sit at the table and eat normally, 60 cm of space is enough.

material for kitchen furniture

Even by installing an expensive hood and a large window in this room, you will not be able to completely get rid of the fumes and smoke that occur when cooking food. Therefore, it is best to purchase a leather kitchen corner sofa with a berth or products with eco-leather upholstery. Soaked fabrics made of acrylic, flock, polyester or fiber also work well. All of the listed materials are well cleaned after possible contamination, they tolerate the effects of household chemicals well.

Corner sofa transformation mechanism

The small size of the kitchens should be used rationally and there is nowhere to turn around. Therefore, the unfolding of furniture should be easy and convenient. It is better to buy a kitchen corner sofa with a berth with a dolphin or eurobook mechanism. In the first case, the hidden seat rolls forward and rises to the level of the main soft part. In the Eurobooks, the main seat goes forward, and its place is taken by a lowered back, which makes the bed twice as wide. Both mechanisms are reliable and do not require significant effort when unfolding.

Of course, one cannot neglect such a condition as the general appearance of the interior. For example, if your room is decorated in high-tech style, then the furniture should match the decor. The same goes for any other style. At the moment, the choice is large and you can easily choose a kitchen corner sofa, equipped with additional drawers for storage and with a berth, to your liking.


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