Glass table in the kitchen


Every hostess dreams of a kitchen with its own unique style. What can be advised? One option is to install a glass table in the kitchen.

Glass dining tables for the kitchen

In the interior of any kitchen, glass tables look very elegant .. And for a small kitchen, a small glass table can be considered a happy find at all — it visually unloads the space, creating a visual illusion of a larger room than it actually is.

One interesting nuance should be noted. If you are accustomed to at least sometimes gather for family or friendly gatherings, and you are confused by the size of the glass table, then this should not become an obstacle for you in choosing. You can choose a glass folding table for the kitchen. Moreover, not only square or rectangular glass tables are laid out, but also round and oval ones. By the way, it is round glass tables for the kitchen that are the best option for lovers of family and friendly feasts. The absence of corners allows you to place all the guests and household members at such a table without offending anyone, putting them “at the corner”.

For the same purpose, as an option, you can consider an oval glass table for the kitchen. And do not be confused by the apparent fragility of this item.

Even large glass kitchen tables are made from glass that is highly resistant to chips, scratches and impacts.

If suddenly somehow such glass breaks, then, thanks to a special production technology, the fragments will have rounded edges and will not cause you much harm. Some caution must be observed, of course. For example, such a countertop cannot be used as an ironing board — a specific glue is used to fasten the countertop itself, which loses its characteristics under the influence of high temperatures. Of course, you should not sit or stand on the surface of such a table, and for care you should use products specially designed for glass surfaces.

Colored glass tables for the kitchen

Glass kitchen tables with a transparent top are far from the only design option. For example. No less popular are white glass tables for the kitchen, which, perhaps, can already be attributed to the classic design of the kitchen with glass furniture. White furniture, a table in particular, suits all styles of interiors, favorably emphasizing one or another of their features.

The production technology of glass tabletops allows you to create them not only in a variety of shapes, but also in a variety of colors. Therefore, a transparent or translucent tabletop in a bright and saturated color can act as a spectacular color accent. For example, choosing a glass orange table for the kitchen in black and white monochrome tones, you will successfully emphasize the severity of the interior design. In addition, according to psychologists, orange promotes appetite. You will achieve the same effect by choosing a glass green table for the kitchen. You should be a little careful with the purple glass table for the kitchen. Purple color, according to all the same psychologists, contributes to despondency. Therefore, it is better that purple be a light lavender or lilac shade.

To ennoble the atmosphere, give it some luxury and pomposity, you can choose a glass table with a glossy black surface for the kitchen.

And finally — so that fingerprints or dishes are less visible on the table, use underplates (fabric, bamboo, plastic) or choose a glass table for the kitchen, but with a matte top.


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