Folding bed


Folding bed

Almost every person in his life faced with the problem of lack of beds in the house. To prevent such a situation, you can purchase such a functional device as a folding bed. When folded, they occupy a minimum of space, but for their intended purpose are very comfortable.

Features of rollaway beds

This furniture is designed for frequent transformations, folds easily and compactly and does not require much storage space. These beds are perfect for owners of small apartments and those who often receive guests. They are easy to transport and can be used in the country and country rest. The cost of this furniture is relatively low and depends on the size, type and material from which the product is made. Modern folding beds are made of durable, high quality materials and can withstand a weight of about 150 kg. Almost all of them have an orthopedic base and will last a long time.

Before purchasing this functional product, it is necessary to note the main four criteria: size, load capacity, frame and the presence of a mattress. First of all, think about who the rollaway bed will be for, this will help you decide on the size and maximum load. The frame can be of various shapes: steel, aluminum, wood with or without a polymer coating. Consider these features, because the basis of the bed is the key to its longevity. Also consider purchasing a mattress that comes with a rollaway bed.

Types of folding beds

The range of these products is very large and differs in various functions and capabilities. Such a folding bed as a chair-bed became popular back in the 80s of the last century. Today it is not less popular. The classic modern version has a slightly larger size and includes soft upholstery and armrests. The transformation mechanism can be different: a folding backrest or a retractable seat with a drawer and a pillow. The convertible folding bed allows you to bend and even rotate parts that are stationary at first glance. It can have various folding mechanisms: «eurobook», «accordion». For example, a folding bed can be used as a sofa, and have a «book» mechanism, which makes it possible to extend the lower seats halfway and recline the back. This mechanism is considered one of the oldest and most reliable.

A children’s folding bed differs from an adult in size and the presence of colors. If there is not enough space in the child’s room for a regular bed, then this option will help save space and at the same time perform its functions. It can be a folding chair, which, with the slightest effort, even a child can turn into a comfortable bed. It can stand on legs or stretch out on the floor. You can also choose the presence or absence of armrests. Additional pillows and pouffes can be purchased in the set. The design of children’s beds is as different as that of adults. For permanent rest of children, a folding bed on slats is suitable. Also, this furniture will be very relevant not only in children’s rooms, but also in summer camps and preschool institutions. Rollaway beds have a removable mattress that provides complete comfort and has velcro on the corners to prevent slipping. It can be easily removed, replaced or used separately.

Rollaway beds are a cost-effective, comfortable and modern solution to many everyday problems associated with sleep and relaxation.


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