Covers for chairs in the kitchen


Covers for chairs in the kitchen

Every housewife wants the kitchen to be pleasant and comfortable to be in. Spots on the tablecloth, crumbs on the table or chips on the plate are easy to deal with. But if a chair or kitchen stool has lost its original appearance over time, it will be more difficult to cope with this. However, in this case, there is a way out: you can buy covers for chairs in the kitchen, which are becoming more and more popular today.

The main advantage of covers for kitchen chairs is that such an accessory will help to inexpensively and quickly change the entire interior of the kitchen. Compared to fully reupholstering chairs, sewing chair covers is a cheaper option.

Another advantage of kitchen slipcovers is that they can be washed when dirty. And besides this, the covers will protect the upholstery of kitchen chairs from the sharp claws of your pets.

Types of chair covers for the kitchen

Chair covers have their own varieties:

  • sitting tight;
  • seated freely;
  • drape or cape.

Covers that fit tightly are more difficult to manufacture, but they look elegant and expensive. The other two types of kitchen chair seat covers can be sewn on your own, using all your imagination and skill.

To create a harmonious interior, it should be remembered that the color of the covers for chairs with a back must necessarily overlap with the shade of curtains and tablecloths in the kitchen. A white or beige chair cover is considered a universal option, but in a kitchen it will be very easily soiled and will often have to be washed.

A chair cover will turn out beautiful and elegant if it is decorated with a lush bow attached at the back. In a casual case, you can make pockets for various little things or newspapers and magazines.

Often chair covers in the kitchen are made of polyester. This fabric does not fade, is easy to wash, and after washing does not lose its shape. You can sew a cape on a chair from pleasant to the touch and non-static cotton.

To make the cover easier to put on a round or square chair, zippers, buttons or decorative bows are sewn on the cape. In addition, with such bows, you can fix the cover to the legs of the chair.

To make the chair comfortable and comfortable, you can put a soft cushion cover on it. The same covers can be purchased for children’s chairs.

Chair covers can suit many interior styles. For example, knitted covers for chairs in the kitchen will look great in country style. And simple satin covers with strict patterns will be an excellent solution for a classic kitchen interior.


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