Corner sofa in the kitchen with a berth


Corner sofa in the kitchen with a berth

Any owner of a small apartment can face a situation where there are not enough beds or ordinary sofas to accommodate all the guests who have come from distant lands. Folding straight sofas help out well in such a case, but only a modest kitchenette does not always allow them to be installed. It is for such cases that the designers developed a comfortable corner kitchen sofa with a comfortable bed. If in the living room the corners can be filled with various furniture in the form of whatnots or shelves or you can install a TV there, then in this room every meter of area is very important, especially if we are dealing with a dining area. In addition, almost all models of this type of furniture have one or more drawers, where you can successfully place things for which there was no place on open shelves or in cabinets.

Tips for choosing a corner sofa for the kitchen

  1. You need to know exactly the size of the room, so as not to miscalculate during the purchase. A very large sofa can protrude beyond the doorway or rest against a furniture set, a gas stove, and various communications.
  2. Not all models allow you to mount the tail, both on the right and on the left. Immediately before buying, determine in which corner you will install new furniture. There are modern models of U-shape, in which the corners are all of different lengths. They can be used as part of a composition or even separately.
  3. The bed of the corner sofa in the kitchen in the open form should be spacious enough. Excessive savings will affect comfort. In addition, the short seat will accommodate fewer eaters and you will constantly have to use additional chairs in the dining room.
  4. Select frame material from the array. Chipboard does not last so long, and it is not suitable for the kitchen.
  5. If you plan to often lay out furniture, then carefully consider the quality and model of the transformation mechanism. The “dolphin” and the “eurobook” have proven themselves well. Clamshells with metal meshes are less reliable.
  6. Upholstery material is a special issue. Soup, sauce or wine can easily be spilled on the delicate canvas in this room, so get ready for frequent cleanings. Accordingly, a kitchen leather corner sofa with a berth will last longer than furniture covered with some kind of delicate fabric. Alternatively, eco-leather or durable flock is suitable.

We hope that you understand how much more rational it is to use a comfortable and practical corner sofa with a built-in berth in the organization of the dining area in the kitchen than standard models. When you buy it, you get coziness and comfort, solving several urgent problems in your apartment at once.


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