Children’s sofa bed with sides


Children's sofa bed with sides

A children’s sofa bed with sides is often the best choice for a child’s room, especially in small apartments. At night it is a comfortable and safe sleeping place, while during the day it is a cheerful and compact baby sofa that does not take up extra space.

Requirements for children’s sofas with sides

As with any thing intended for children’s use, sofa beds have special requirements that should be considered when choosing the right model. The most important thing is the safety requirement: all parts and materials of such a sofa must be made of environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic and, if possible, natural materials. This piece of furniture should not have sharp corners that a child can get hurt on.

The second important point is simplicity and reliability. Since this is a children’s sliding sofa with sides, its design must be durable in order to withstand heavy loads. This is relevant, because in the process of playing during the day, a child can repeatedly climb onto the sofa, use it as part of the game, even jump on it. Therefore, it is so important that the sofa can withstand even heavy loads. The simplicity of the folding mechanism lies in the fact that the child can move it apart and move it. Indeed, during the period of growing up, children often want to do everything on their own, like adults.

The third requirement is easy maintenance of the furniture. It is better if the upholstery of the children’s sofa bed is made of easily washable material, and the best option would be removable covers that can be washed as they get dirty. The functionality of the sofa is increased if it has additional drawers, where you can store bed linen, as well as things or clothes for the baby during the day.

Sofa bed design with sides

In furniture stores you can find a huge variety of designs for children’s sofa beds. This is not surprising, because requests are made to such a piece of furniture from two sides: on the one hand, parents who want the child’s bed to fit into the overall interior of the room, on the other, the future owner of the folding sofa himself. After all, the child may have his own views on how his bed should look.

All children’s sofas can be divided into those designed for girls, for boys and universal.

Children’s sofas for girls with sides are often painted in delicate colors, pink usually prevails, although blue, lavender options can also be found. The upholstery of such models often has a floral pattern, sometimes, if a sofa with a figured design is purchased, its back can be made in the form of a princess castle.

Sofas with sides for boys are made in brighter, more saturated colors. Of course, the blue-blue color palette becomes relevant here. Boyish options are easy to distinguish by design in the form of a car, ship or aircraft.

Universal sofas are suitable for both boys and girls, as they are made in neutral colors, and their curly backs reflect stories that are not gender-specific. For example, a sofa bed for children, a house with a side, will fit equally well into both a boy’s nursery and a girl’s room. A sofa bed with a side in the form of a toy, a cartoon character or an animal will also find a home in one and the other interior. A versatile sofa can simply have bright colors or upholstery can contain a neutral story. It is especially convenient to purchase such sofas if there are several children of different sexes in the family and you need to arrange one common children’s room.


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