Children’s bunk beds


Children's bunk beds

When arranging a children’s room, many parents stop at bunk beds. They are quite practical, take up little space and also become an additional playground for children. In addition, such furniture, in addition to two full-fledged beds, can include a system of sliding shelves, a desk, cabinets and even a wardrobe. So, what other children’s bunk beds are on the furniture market and how to choose a model depending on the age and gender of the child? More on that below.

Beds for boys and girls

Modern manufacturers have taken into account that children of different sexes will have different tastes in furniture design. Therefore, for boys and girls, beds with different designs and styles are offered. So, children’s bunk beds for girls are most often made in delicate pastel colors and have smooth lines. Models that are stylized as a fairy-tale castle or a dollhouse look very interesting. In them, little girls will feel like the heroines of their favorite fairy tales / cartoons and they will be pleased to spend time in their room.

As for beds for boys, options made in the theme of cars and travel are popular here. The furniture mainly has strict clear lines and minimalist design, which suits the tastes of the little ones.

The lineup

So, what models of beds are on the market today? Here are some interesting options:

  1. classic beds. A traditional bunk bed consisting of two berths, a ladder and sometimes a pair of pull-out shelves located at the bottom of the structure. Such beds, as a rule, are quite large and are purchased as an addition to the main set of furniture.
  2. Children’s bunk bed-transformer. Thanks to hidden shelves and retractable countertops, this model is the perfect find for a small-sized children’s room. The bed can also have an extra pull-out bed, thanks to which it can accommodate an extra person.
  3. Children’s bunk bed with wardrobe. Included with it is a full-fledged wardrobe that can easily accommodate all children’s things and shoes. The wardrobe organically fits into the design of the bed, and can be located on one or two sides, and sometimes even built into the corner of the room. By purchasing such a set of furniture, you save a lot of money, since you do not have to additionally order a wardrobe and allocate space in the room for its installation.
  4. Children’s bunk bed-table. This set is reasonable to buy if your children are already going to school. The bed is designed in such a way that, in addition to two sleeping places, it has a dedicated work area, consisting of a table, chairs and cabinets for books and notebooks.

The range also includes models designed for only one child. In this case, the bed «hangs» over the table, and on the side there is a closet and a ladder upstairs. As a result, the child feels alone and it is easier for him to abstract from the outside world and focus on learning.

Criterias of choice

When purchasing a double bed, you should pay attention to the quality of the material and painting. It is desirable that it be made of solid wood, and the paint does not contain formaldehyde and other harmful substances. The steps leading to the second tier should be frequent and stable, as the safety of the child depends on this. It is also important that the upper bed is equipped with handrails on both sides, which will protect the child from accidental falling.


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