Cape on the sofa


Cape on the sofa

When we furnish our homes with trepidation and love, we need to think not only about beauty, but also about the practicality of each piece of furniture. For example, sofas and armchairs need protective capes to last longer. Then their upholstery will not burn out and will not wipe off, and the cape can be changed over time — this will obviously cost less than changing all the upholstered furniture.

What are sofa covers?

Modern capes and bedspreads on sofas are made in a wide variety of materials. It can be both synthetics and natural fabrics. Synthetically fabrics, such as acrylic, will not change their shape and color for a long time, and will serve you for more than one year.

Carpet covers on the sofa or blankets are rare today, except that they were miraculously preserved by our thrifty grandmothers. They were replaced by magnificent fur capes, they look especially glamorous with leather sofas that contrast in color with them. Natural fur is undoubtedly a luxury item. Such products create an additional volume of furniture, and in direct contact with them, indescribable sensations arise — relaxation, rest after a hard day’s work.

For those who consider natural fur to be superfluous, artificial fur sofa covers have been created. They are no less presentable and beautiful.

Also, terry capes have proven themselves well. So soft and pleasant to the touch, they deservedly compete with fur products.

And gorgeous silk and satin capes, designed mainly for bedrooms, keep you cool on a hot day. Weightless and gentle, they will look very good if you match them with bed linen.

The shape of the cape also differs. For example, it can be a cape on a regular or corner sofa, or even just on the armrests of the sofa, because they are also subject to active influence during the operation of the furniture.

In order not to be mistaken in size, of course, it is better to buy universal sofa covers, which are elastic products that fit most armchairs and sofas, because they stretch by 50% and allow you to easily change the design of the room and update the boring environment.

If you are fond of needlework, then you can easily create unique capes for the sofa yourself, for example, crochet them. Openwork, light and airy, they will create a unique homely, cozy atmosphere.


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