Cabinet for the kitchen


Cabinet for the kitchen

There are many types of kitchen cabinets. And when choosing furniture for the kitchen, it can sometimes be quite difficult to decide which cabinet you need. Kitchen cabinets differ in appearance and spaciousness, their ergonomics and the possibility of combining with other types of kitchen furniture. Let’s find out what cabinets are and what is their location in the kitchen.

Corner cabinet for the kitchen

If your kitchen has a non-standard shape and small size, then a corner cabinet is the best furniture option. Thanks to its shape, such a cabinet will save space in the kitchen. In addition, the corner cabinet is very spacious. An ideal combination in the kitchen of floor and wall corner cabinets located one below the other.

A corner cabinet is often used as a sink in the kitchen, and under it you can store, for example, a trash can.

Built-in cabinets in the kitchen

A built-in wardrobe is a reliable and high-quality element of kitchen furniture that can be placed in a niche or any other free space. This type of furniture also includes a wardrobe in the kitchen. These cabinets are very comfortable and fit perfectly into any kitchen design.

You can install a built-in wardrobe in a niche under the window in the kitchen and store, for example, conservation in it.

Floor table-cupboard in the kitchen

This type of cabinet is included in any kitchen set. Its top is a countertop used in the cooking process, and on the shelves inside the cabinet they store food supplies, large dishes: pans, pots, bowls, etc. The floor cabinet can have drawers of different sizes: at the top — small ones for various little things, and at the bottom there is a large section for storing tall bottles, boxes and other things.

Wall cabinet in the kitchen

The wall cabinet in the kitchen is used most often for dishes. It can be both with deaf doors and with glass. Located above the sink, a wall cabinet can be used to dry dishes.

There are tall and narrow wall cabinets in the kitchen — the so-called pencil cases. On their shelves it is convenient to store cups, seasonings and other trifles necessary in the kitchen.


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