Bunk bed with sofa below

When square meters do not allow you to fit a full bed for each family member, you have to resort to all sorts of tricks. In this regard, buying a bunk bed with a sofa below becomes a panacea in the literal sense, because it can be used not only in the children’s room, but also for sudden guests and parents.

Bunk bed with sofa for adults

As a rule, we have to talk about a children’s bunk bed, and in the adult version, you have to look for such furniture with a sofa below. But for residents of small odnushki, this solution will be one of the best.

Most often, adult models are made of metal. The sofa itself has three positions. In the first one, this is a classic sofa, if desired, the back can be made more inclined and get a relaxation position, and in the evening the sofa unfolds and becomes a sleeping place. Many models are equipped not only with traditional ladders, but also with drawers, bedside tables and even small wardrobes.

Not so long ago, a very modern solution appeared in the performance of domestic and foreign manufacturers — a double transformer. In this configuration, you get a sofa in a classic design. It turns into a bunk bed in the form of two beds, located one above the second. If we consider the foreign model, then it is clearly made in a somewhat high-tech style, using bright colors and clean chrome metal. Domestic manufacturers offer almost the same unfolding system, but they use more familiar fabrics for upholstery, and the models are softer and more comfortable.

Bunk bed for children with sofa

Choosing the right bunk bed for your child will be easier, as there are many varieties with a sofa bed. If adult models are rarely found in manufacturers’ catalogs and often this is custom-made furniture, then almost every furniture representative has this type of children’s bed in the assortment.

Usually the most common option for a children’s bunk bed is with chromed metal steps, with a sofa underneath, a combination of wood or MDF. Of course, natural wood will be the most environmentally friendly choice, but modern materials are quite safe. Here it is important to immediately request a quality certificate and a hygienic conclusion when buying.

Now, as for the complete set of a children’s bunk bed, because models are rarely used simply with a sofa bed. It is much more practical to pick up a whole children’s wall. There is a sleeping place upstairs, and a wardrobe with a cabinet, there are models with drawers. In a word, you can order a full-fledged wall where your child can play and study.

Separately, I would like to touch on the issue of lifting to the second floor. Most bunk bed models with a sofa below are equipped with a ladder made of beautiful chromed metal. Indeed, the material is durable, the furniture looks impressive. There is only one «but» — climbing to the second floor is difficult due to the fact that the stairs are slippery. Many parents buy high-quality models, but it is not always possible to try them out in action. Therefore, for security reasons, it makes sense to choose an alternative in the form of the same ladder made of wood, there are models with a ladder in the form of bedside tables. In a word, if you buy a bed, and a child will constantly sleep on the second floor, it is important to ensure safe ascents and descents. Otherwise, when choosing, you will start from the frequency of using the sofa (sometimes it makes sense to look for options for growth), the desired folding mechanism and, of course, the price category.

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