Baguette curtain rods

Baguette cornices for curtains — cornices made using a baguette — a plank located in the front of the product and performing an aesthetic function. Such cornices are one of the most sought after due to their magnificent appearance and a huge number of design options.

Materials for baguette cornices

The most common and widely represented in stores are baguette cornices made of three main materials: wood, plastic and aluminum profile.

Wooden baguette cornices curtains look very presentable and solid. They are also the most expensive, as they are made of solid wood, often decorated with artistic carvings. They also look rich by demonstrating the beautiful structure of the tree, which is not intentionally painted over, but stands out with the help of varnish. Wooden curtain rods can carry a very large load, so they are often chosen if you plan to hang heavy curtains.

Aluminum baguette cornices for curtains — strong and durable, somewhat cheaper than wooden ones, despite their excellent performance. Since the luster of metal often does not fit into the interior of the room, when decorating aluminum cornices, baguettes-overlays made of wood or plastic are sometimes used.

Plastic baguette cornices for curtains — the most budget option. Plastic comes in a wide range of colors and designs, making it a desirable purchase, but it’s not as durable as wood or metal.

Types of baguette cornices

Baguette cornices also differ in the way they are attached to the surface.

Wall-mounted baguette cornices for curtains are attached directly to the wall above the window, so they do not require special skills for installation. They look very neat and pretty.

Ceiling baguette cornices for curtains are fixed either to the ceiling, or, if plasterboard structures or stretch ceilings are used, they can be located in special niches above the windows.

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